Sunday, February 8, 2009

A nothing Sunday

Before I get into my main message I have to tell you that I heard from my granddaughter. The reason my email came back was that the ship was in an area where no email either went out or came in. She was upset because she missed her mother's birthday which occurred during the time they were cut off. It was great to hear from her.

Thank you, all you wonderful people who found my slow cooking acceptable. And the many comments were so encouraging and I am feeling that the world is filled with friends. That is a blessing. The day I posted the last blog, a very good friend asked me to go for lunch. We went to Sequim and ate at the restaurant at the John Wayne Marina. It is now my favorite place to eat lunch. We both had what was called Crab Cake Hamburger. The scenery and the taste of the crab cake fought for attention. We both decided we had to go to Costco while we were in that direction. And I never go to Costco without buying one of their ready made chickens. They are so plump and roasted to perfection. And for me, they are so affordable. I had chicken sandwiches twice and then I boiled a cup of pasta and had the best chicken pasta with the gravy made from the drippings found in the chicken container. Brown jellied super tasty drippings. And then I added all the small pieces of meat I pulled off the carcass. It was a divine dinner. I froze half of it and when I warm up the remainder I will add a few mushrooms. In the freezer I have the carcass for soup, with all the skin and a whole lot of small pieces of meat. There is enough white meat for future sandwiches. This whole part was written to explain why I have not yet used my slow cooker. I did open my cookbook and where it opened was a recipe for BBQ chicken second joints. It sounds so good I am going to do it even though I will be happy to move on to another ingredient.

This afternoon I am picking up a fellow inmate to go to a church to play bridge. An old friend from the area where I lived before called me to ask me to go. He was one of Sam's golf chums. I have done this in years past and I know Jim is a good player but I don't remember how the rest of them should be rated.

On my way home I will stop to buy a couple of mushrooms. Guess what I am having for dinner.


Haphazardkat said...

I love the chicken gravy on pasta idea! I shall do so next time I purchase a ready made chicken :) I always seem to waste too much of the bird--but never knew what to do with the carcass :)

Vancouver, WA

Chuck Marunde said...

Saw your post about Sequim. I love it here. I'm having fun with the Internet, because so many with common interests are able to communicate. Check out my new online Sequim Newspaper Online at:

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

I buy the roasted chicken often. For my little family of 4 its good for 2 dinners...chicken, salad & bread the first night, then some kind of pasta or stew (or pot pie!) the next.

Slow cooking is an excellent idea. Most slow cooker meals are nutritionally complete...meat, starch, veggies.

A tip for you....if you make a beef stew and plan to freeze portions, leave out the potatoes. A)you can fit more stew in the cooker, and b) potatoes are better fresh not frozen, and c)vegetable or beef stew over mashed or baked potatoes is yummy!

Anne said...

You are just the dearest lady. I find that I enjoy reading about what you are doing now as much, if not more, than your previous stories. All of the blogs I read are from people who write about the stuff they do during an ordinary day. It is interesting to read about the grand things but the real connection is made when reading about chicken and bridge.

Jodie said...

My husband has the best recipes for our slow cooker... He does all the cooking (most of it) in our house. I grocery shop and do the laundry and he folds. We've got it all divided up. Anyway, if you email me, I'll be happy to mail you a copy as it's quite large.


Joanna said...

The "fellow inmate" comment made me smile. My grandmother is in an assisted living apartment and my father is always referring to her and the folks who live in her complex as inmates. Sigh...