Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The week of the party

On Monday my three daughters arrived. That was enough of a gift for me, for it was wonderful seeing them all together. Rare sight. They were here about five minutes and then the planning began. Jane was in charge of decorating the wonderful room we had arranged to use in St. Andrew Episcopal Church in Port Angeles. A large sunny room with eight large round tables. So we prayed for the sun to shine on the designated day and that nine or ten people could gather around each table. In addition to the room we could also use the memory garden with its roofed area for people who might arrive early. Wine and water and a few nibbles would be served there.

Gilbert who was performing in a play in Sequim, said we could have dinner in his house, and since he has a dishwasher and I do not, we quickly agreed to take our Lamb Shanks and mashed potatoes there. It was a joy again to see all of my four children in one room. I can not remember when that had happened. When Sam was sick Gilbert was missing, and when we had his, Sam's, requested party in his honor, Martha was missing. This was an occasion for the books. How lucky can one ninety year old be?

On Wednesday we girls shopped and then had lunch at the John Wayne Marina. Another wonderful memory. The sun was shining on all the masts and on the fishermen who were bringing in their catch while we were eating. Then a stop at Mad Maggie's where the girls all have been lucky in finding some treasure but this time it was my turn. I found hat I was going to wear for my party.

Wednesday evening we ate spagetti and went to see Gilbert in Cabaret. Fabulous play, and I ran into many people from long ago when Sam treaded the boards. The star of the show, who sang like an angel, remembered me from the time her father and Sam were poker players in The Odd Couple, and she and I had to find time to play during rehearsal. She was about eight or ten at that time.

Thursday we bought the already cooked chickens we needed for the chicken salad for Saturday. And all the other details for the party food. And then the chopping and slicing and stirring began. Anna was more or less in charge of that part of the preparations. Martha was making lists upon lists and we never could have survived without them. And Jane never stopped making tissue paper flowers for the tables. Everyone helped with this also. Except me. I sat in my chair and enjoyed the view. I am now ninety and I can do what I want! I tried one flower but it was too difficult.

The girls were sleeping in a nearby Cottage and that was a lifesaving stroke of luck. We could use their totally empty refrigerator and freezer. What luck. And finally it was Saturday. I will tell you next time about that Saturday.


Barbara said...

I am loving to hear about this occasion. Looking forward to the next part.

musingegret said...

Oh what fun, what fun! Can't wait for the juicy bits about the party. I love Cabaret; what role did Gilbert play? Just thinking about it wants me to run out and rent it, pronto! "Life is a cabaret, old chum....And I love a Cabarrrreeeet."

Jodie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time with all your children in one place! I've been learning more about Port Angeles and that area since it's the setting for Twilight. I just read the 4 books and I'm in love with those rather cultured vampires. (I'm 49 now, so not a teen reading it.) I'm guess this big party was for your 90th birthday. Happy Birthday!!!