Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some ups and some downs

My life is getting too hectic. I rejoined a Book Club I used to belong to many years ago. The reason I left the club was that so often I had not read the book by the time we met to discuss it. The reason was that my mother had told me, often, that 'we don't read in the daytime'. When I went to bed I always began reading whatever was current, and as soon as I opened the book, I fell asleep. Now I can read as much as I want in the daytime. 

Today was the first meeting of the season for the book club. After this there will be nine more meetings and then the summer is free. Today was spent picking the books we will read these nine months. Several I have already read and the rest of the list is fun to look forward to. I will tell all of you what the books are later.

The reason I mentioned the word hectic is that I am going to teach a class titled FAKE IT IN FABRICS. I wake up in the middle of the night asking myself 'how will I handle that problem'. And then I lie there trying to solve it all. Luckily the class will be small. Two people will arrive from California, Two from Bainbridge Island, and the rest of the group live here in the environs. The date is October 16 and I can't afford to loose all that sleep. I will try to copy Scarlet O'Hara and say to myself, 'I will worry about that tomorrow. 


conny said...

I will be so looking forward to reading your comments on the books of your Book Club. Perhaps it is the fate of book clubs that the members do read the books, but not necessarily in the correct order :-)
p.s. Good luck with your class of Fake it in Fabrics (perhaps you could unveil some of the contents later).
Greetings from Denmark, Conny.

musingegret said...

Oh gosh Ms. Svensto, you **do** have a full agenda for autumn. Good for you and I'm wishing you all the best in your new endeavors. You are truly inspirational!

Do you have a printer attached to your computer to make hardcopy of all your ideas about your class and the books you're reading?

We'll all be waiting breathlessly for updates on your days.

Take care and love to you.