Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summer Is Here

Last night was the first night of summer when I slept on top of the blankets. Iwas sad because the Oaklnd As were about to lose. I'm trying hard to develop an allegience to a local team. It's difficult to forget the Mariners. The other local team is the Giants of SF and that takes me back to the Giants of NY. And thn I remember the first baseball game I ever went to. The NY Giants were playing the Detroit Tigers. I was shocked when I heard the crowd booing DiMaggio. He stuck out a couple of times but I don't they were booing because of the strike outs. I think thy were booing because he married Marilyn Monroe and wasn't spending enough time on the game. That lead me into who took to to the baseball game. Then it took me a long time to go to sleep.


Melissa Weisbard said...

I'm not much of a baseball or football fan. However, I absolutely love college basketball. My favorite team is the University of Louisville Cardians. I'm a huge fanatic of the game.

It's awesome that you got to see Dimaggio play! Not too many people can say that.

Marsha Keeffer said...

Hi Gertrude:

What a lovely blog - I'm enjoying the pictures and your historical comments.

And now, of course, I'm very much looking forward to hearing your comments about President Roosevelt.

Bobby is a fine photographer, isn't he? I would like to see more of your art.

Wishing you an early 'Happy Mother's Day!'

My best,

Anonymous said...

Did you remember when it was? The game, I mean. I was such a fan though my favorite American League team has always been the Boston Red Sox. Dom DiMaggio played for Boston his whole major league career just as Joe always played for the Yankees. The Giants were a National League team and their older brother Vince played for the Giants in 1946, his last season in baseball. Joe returned to baseball for the 1946 season after serving in the armed forces from February 1943 to September 1945, so it is entirely possible that Joe was in center field for the Yankees when they played the Giants with Vince in center field. Joe retired in 1951, married Monroe in 1954, although the divorce came in less than a year. He was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955. Dom retired from baseball in 1953.

Where you are living now, you have a choice about which team to follow! My National League team was the Brooklyn Dodgers but when they moved to California, it broke my baseball fan heart and my feelings were never the same. I don't follow them now. I'm considering the Philadelphia Phillies.

Please be sure to tell us what team you decide on.