Friday, November 2, 2012

Blick 4

Lerberget was a long skinny town running from South to north along the coast.Wh en you approached the village from the south it was a little more than a path, unpaved, through a beech forrest. No houses were visible from the path, but there could be cabins or cottages hidden among the trees, The path was narrow.

Suddenly the path turned into a real road. and after passing a few houses, they had obviously arrived at Maltes house . In the rear was smedjan.

Maltes's father came out the back door. This is my Father and this is Blick. She is Teacher Olsson's daughter. He took the burden  Blick was carrying. He opened the apron and looked at the cat. Oj, oj, how did he get hurt. Do you know. No, Blick whispered. I will look him over and do  what I can to help him. Can you and your mother come back late this afternoon to pick him up. Malte,find a box to  keep him in.

Malte, the horses are coming about an hour from now. I need your help.Can you show Blick how to get back home. Blick would yoou like a glassof water before you leave.


Anonymous said...

Nice description of a different world. This could definitely be illustrated and published. Looking forward to the next installment.

spirou said...

I am Hooked !!!!!! More ! More ! This a great tale from another place and time !