Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet peas

I don't know if you remember a very early blog talking about sweet peas. It happened about 1924 or 1925. We were having a huge party in the spring or very early summer. Relatives and good friends were coming. I was sick and had a high temperature. I tried to stick it out but finally my mother said I had to go to bed. As she tucked me in I said, please save my portion of the peas for me. She promised. I have to tell you what kind of peas were served at the meal I missed. Every time we had guests, canned peas were served. The can was as big as a small can of tuna fish. No matter how many people were sitting around the table, peas were served. The peas were American and they were extremely expensive. 

I went to sleep happy in the promise I would get my share of peas. When I woke, with no temp. I asked about my peas. There were no left overs.

This morning I read the Wednesday food section and I read bout a dip that could be made with an avocado and garlic and hot peppers and frozen peas. this evening I made it and I finally had my portion of sweet peas. The recipie used a whole package of frozen sweet peas. All alone, with a drink of Rye Whiskey and sweet Vermouth and  huge plateful of this dip. I ate my fill of sweet peas and I hope I never run into another package of sweet peas. This took about 85 years.


Anonymous said...

Cute story. I can imagine your disappointment as a child and that you have finally had your fill now!

You know we also have flowers here called sweet peas. At first I thought that is what your story was going to be about.


Beth said...

My son's significant other is spanish but is fairly fluent in english. I called him sweetie once and he asked "Did you call me sweet tea or sweet pea"? Oh, we enjoyed that one! Now, we call each other sweet tea or sweet pea all the time! I'm happy you put that bad memory to rest once and for all!

Ida said...

I know the feeling; to finally reach what was taken from you once upon a time.
Ida in Sweden

Spirou said...

Happy Sweet Pea Svensto ! I am so glad you remember about your missing out, but here it was finally !
We love you Svensto and appreciate all your stories.

Barbara said...

You are so funny and always inventive/adventurous. I just love the way you think.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Frozen peas are far superior to canned ones. So you got the better end of the deal even if you did wait 85 years.

I'm so glad you included the detail, "All alone, with a drink of Rye Whiskey and sweet Vermouth..." It's lovely to imagine you indulging yourself with your cocktail and all the peas you can eat.

Melissa Weisbard said...

I'm glad you finally got your share of sweet peas! I love peas myself. I don't know that I'll ever get tired of having them.

Patr said...

Dear, you may always have my share of sweet peas unless they are in my mother's pea salad... Then it might be war. Isn't is funny, how we remember so many things related to family and food. Family feeds the soul and food feeds the body that supports the soul.

Happy Spring to you!!!

MWill said...

Hi Svensto,
I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. My grandma passed away a few years ago and this is like getting to sit down with her again. She grew up on a farm in New York, so her stories were different from yours of course, but I get the same lovely warm feeling reading your words as I did hearing hers. I hope all is well with you. It's been a little while since you posted and I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Svensto, will you be enchanting us soon with one of your wonderful story, it has been 2 months, we miss you.