Friday, May 13, 2011


Every time I fail I take several steps backward. and I have failed so many times in the last two months. Several times my failures were involved with the computer. My worst one was trying to get into a relationship with a hypnotist. Once people or machines say 'you are so stupid' or 'you are a hopeless case' I draw back into my shell and say' OK, I don't need this and I will go back to my security blanket and I will spend hours and hours on my idiotic knitting or embroidery or occasionally reading.

I wrote a blog entitled 'There are angels among us.' And my computer refused to send it. Some day I will tell you what had inspired me but the scar of the computer refusing it still hurts too much.

And then I finally worked up enough nerve to try contacting a hypnotist. I have thought about for months and then I called. A very friendly voice said ' I am with a client, but can I call you back. I w.ill call you within five minutes.' Again she said ' it will be less than five minutes.' She never called. I called two or three hours later to see what happened and there was no response. Why do you think I need a hypnotist? I just wanted to know if it might help with hyperextending my knees, improving my posture, walking straighter. If she had told me to go to a physical therapist instead, I would have been satisfied.

A friend brought me a DVD of the Swedish Larsson film and yesterday I tried to see it but the mechanics defeated me. I will try again.

I will try to blog even when I feel defeated by these enemies. I regularly feel very happy and I love my life here. I have planted two 'Upsi Daisy' tomatoes and a wonderful red flower that Amber gave me. That flower raised my spirits by yards. It is doing well by my front door.


Susan said...

Oh my....
Several friends who blog have problems now and again getting posts to come out right. Do you know now that "Angels Among Us" did post -- Monday, March 7, and that it was a very touching and inspiring message?
As for the hypnotist... perhaps it was a blessing not to be called back. If I may be so bold, I'd recommend you look for a yoga teacher who can help you with some simple exercises to strengthen and relax various muscle groups to improve posture and motion, rather than blaming your mind and hoping for an intervention.
And DVD's... well, sometimes they are made so that they run automatically, and sometimes they are a challenge even for the young and hip. I hope you'll transcend the discouragement! I check your blog each and every day to see if you've posted, and your words have been among the lights in a very dark winter for me. May I encourage you now, as you have been an encouragement to me?

Wishing you sunshine!

Katherine said...

It's so good to read a post from you again! And I agree with Susan - yoga can do wonders for posture, and you can even do it in a chair. It works miracles - try to find a class!

Ter-o-fla said...

Oh, I am glad to see you "back"!

I agree with the above posters; a yoga instructor could surely help you far more than a hypnotist.
And: Machines are the bane of our lives, and yet we are dependant on them. -sigh-
Hopefully you will find a way to get them to work for you again soon!
Or at least do not take it personally when they do not.

All the best! said...

I want to add my voice to the other comments who recommended yoga instead of hypnosis. . .It is so good to see you again! Don't be discouraged about the tech stuff. Call a kid and get some technical assistance, but never take it personally.

Happy spring!

cheryl said...

I too have had my posts just vanish into thin air.. you are not alone. LOL I'm just glad to see a new post from you! All that silence had me worried. Take care Dear Heart, and don't let the technology get you down. And DO try yoga. Hugs~

Della said...

Not failures, dear lady, only the pitfalls of life. You are an inspiration. Please take courage from your readers who admire you so.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Svensto, so glad to hear from you, I was also getting worried. I was about ready to contact Shreve to see if all was OK.
Tech stuff can drive anyone crazy, don't blame yourself. Machines just don't operate like we do. A kid who has grown up with these things can probably help.
As far as the hypnotist, she needs an answering machine. You don't want to go to someone who interrupts your session to answer the phone anyway. She's probably disorganized and lost the number.
I'd try a physical therapist, I've had great luck with them. Yoga too if you can find the right teacher.

With all the things you have done in your life, you can conquer the world. Don't be discouraged. We are all pulling for you.
Flowers do make a difference don't they?


Liza said...

So glad to see you back, Svensto! I check daily to see if you're posted; like Anonymous, I was about to email Shreve to see if she knew what was up with you, but I hate to bother her when she's so busy with the animals and the new EMT gig. Second the motion for yoga or PT above the hypnotist. Or, if you really want to try hypnosis, get a recommendation. This one sounds like a bit of a flake if she can't return a phone call.

Quite a while ago, I had a quote from William F. Buckley taped to my computer; in paraphrase, he said "there's nothing so helpless as the feeling of going mano a mano with a computer and losing." Technology is a great blessing, but also a curse. Don't take it personally!

MWill said...

Oh! technology is just evil sometimes! I just wrote a big long comment and when I tried to submit it the internet ate it instead. I can completely empathize with your frustrations. I suppose if it was going to happen, this is a fitting post for it.

At any rate, the gist of what I had said (I hope more eloquently than I will now) is that it is so nice to hear from you again! I'm sorry things have been a little rocky lately, but I agree with the yoga suggestion. It's done really good things for me. Also, I have friends who have had good luck with chiropractors though I have never been myself. Just another thing to consider, I suppose.

I'm glad someone is bringing you flowers! If I could, I'd get you a nice pot of petunias and marigolds - I planted some in a box on my porch this year and they make even the rainiest days seem sunnier.

I hope things go smoother soon! And don't be too discouraged, you're still an inspiration :)