Saturday, March 31, 2012

New News

First I have to inform all of you that my is the photographer in this house.. he took a picture this morning of my cat and their little feral kitty who is blind.
My Edgar who is thirteen years old, is slowly making friends and when I stand, looking out the dutch door four cats gather below looking for a treat. So far no trouble. Shopping in this town is fun. Although I feel fairly secure about finding my way, yesterday I fouled up completely. I decided I wanted to go into Santa Cruz proper and I got more or less lost. I never found the spot I had intended to be the place I honored with my presence. There were more one way streets going the wrong way. I was lucky for I never met a police man for a few times I think I sinned. When I fail I think of it as a new lesson in California living. I have many projects begun but some little detail keep me from plunging along. My sewing machine is in a repair shop and the repairman is on vacation. I had to get a new doctor, who naturally wanted tests on all my functions. Next Wednesday I will be done. Edgar and I love it here. Martha and Bob have been wonderful.


Anonymous said...

It is the perfect house with a perfect door, a Dutch door I believe, like a Rembrandt painting....You all look so happy...I hear the weather is miserable up North, I hope you are staying warm and comfy.

Anonymous said...

Love the dutch door and your new digs and cats and photographer!!
You'll get used to the new place. Can't imagine a policeman could give you a ticket. You'd probably charm him out of it!