Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Martin Luther

After making forty tomato halves ready for their two to three hour stint in the oven, I sat down to wait for the paper. Since it is snowy outside the paper was later than usual. It is promised for seven but usually comes earlier. It is now 6:56 am and my cat and I are anxious about the well fare of our friendly paper person who works on the paper all day and delivers papers at this horrible hour. My book, which I had taken yesterday to read with my breakfast 'THE PAINTED VEIL BY Somerset Maugham' was still in my purse and when you get to my age, getting up and down from your chair, is not something you do willy nilly. So I sat there thinking of Thanksgiving times of the past. 

In Sweden that is an unknown holiday. We had a holiday around the same time of year with equal big stir in the kitchen. It was Martin Luther's birthday. The lutheran religion is the state supported religion. People are free to join any church but then they must help support that that body. What caused the big stir in the kitchen? Everyone must cook a goose. I never had a goose dinner when I was growing up. Nor did I ever have a turkey dinner. Kalkon Must have been the size of our oven in our wood heated stove. It was difficult to keep a steady heat for that many hours. It was a school holiday, it was the beginning of the voting for the Stockholm Lucia, and it was the beginning of all the secrets connected with Christmas. And now I hear the paper being attached to the door handle. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tragedy and Beauty

What is so tragic? I have to live till April without baseball. Last week there was news in our little daily newspaper about the Mariner's Star Pitcher getting an award. It reminded me of better times. I know the season will begin again in the spring. But will I be here to enjoy it.

We are having our first snow. I can't call it a snowstorm for it is so calm and peaceful. And so beautiful. I think every time I go outside my blood pressure goes down to the normal degrees. If I had high blood pressure it would be theraputic to just sit outside and enjoy.

I had the weekend with FAKE IT IN FABRICS class. It was successful but the time was too short.I enjoyed the give and take between all the participants and there were successful endeavors to be finished after class. I hope all are being worked on. It is so easy to say 'later'. I would love to hear about the progress people are having.

Anna and Steve are coming on Wednesday to have Thanksgiving with me in what is now Gilbert''s house. I am sharing some of the cooking for the meal. I have to go to the store for supplies and more snow and heavy winds are predicted for this afternoon. But there is tomorrow and if the roads are too difficult, I can ask Anna or Steve to get what I need. Wish me luck.

And happy Thanksgiving to all. And if there is anyone who can, please send one dollar to 

402 S Valley St
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