Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Her father and the out house

Blicken and her father had a moment of silence. Blicken unbuttoned her panties and approached her father. His look was sterrn but he looked funny sitting there waiting for her.

"Do you know why you are getting a spanking?

I left the school yard without telling anyone where I was going. I love Topsy and she looked so awfu;. I thought she was dying.Malte told me his father is good with animals.  wouuld do anything  to help Topsy. And I will work for Malte's father if he can help Topsy. I can weed the little gardenin front os 'smedjan. I could wipe dishes for Malte's mother.You said we have no money for a V.et. I thought Aopsy as dying while I was holding her. There was no time to waste.er hick ups were slower but her face was b;otchy red.

He said "come here. And bend over my knees. And pull you dress up'.

She intended to not cry, No matter how much it hurt. But the sound of the twigs going through the arch before they actually hurt her, weakened her resolve slightly. When she felt the twigs on her skin she lost her brearh and out came a tremendous scream. From then on she had no control. She had no control. When her father felt the wet spot spread on his trousers, he hit her harder and harder, When he stopped she haad no feeling of how long the beating had lasted. He pushed her off his knees and examined the condition os his trousers, He walked out the door.  She had to calm herself before she could walk across the school yard. She and her mother had to go to Malte's to get Topsy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The mistakes in the previous post came to me in the middle of the night. I talked of 'shears'. They probably pruned bushes and small trees with something very different than what we have now. Blick probbly took a rusty pair of seamstress scissors kept in her mother's tool drawer. Speaking of shears, I remember reading about a class of pruning 'liquid amber  maple trees', to be given on Bainbridge Island. I signed up for the class. But since I had only a rusty pair of scissors in my tool drawer, I went to the local hard ware store and asked for a 'cadilac type tool for pruning. I still have the tool in my kitchen tool drawer.

The second mistake was when her father said 'pull down your pants. Pull gives you an idea of something elastic.Nothing elastic was found in the year of 1890. The panties Bliccken was wearing were sown by her mother and had probably been worn by two or three sisters before they grew out of them. they had a waistband with a button on one end a a button hole on the other end. A lot of material was gathered unto the waist band to make room for a 'rounded' behind. Her father would have said "Unbutton. your pants. and since the button was in the back of this garment, and since her fingers were shaking, his patience must have worn thin and what happened was probably a little worse than uaual.

 I will tell you about the behind of blicken in my next post.