Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Martha's third book came out and a publicity affair was scheduled in Santa Cruz for last night, Aug 28, in a local bookstore. She invited  past and present confederates, many friends and associates, a few local relatives for a party in the garden between our houses. Needless to say the garden was groomed to perfection and the food to be served late in the afternoon ordered to fit for dinner.  7:30 was the bewitching hour for the bookstore.

I was invited to attend both the garden party and the bookstore reading, but decided the day had been too hectic for the reading.

Luckily, some people spent the night in Capitola, and four came over for a late breakfast. And so the celebrations continued.

Now everyone except Jane, Martha's "little" sister and the one who is responsible for getting me back online and using my blog, have left. I sit here thinking about parties I remember from when I was a child.

One party I do not remember because I was a toddler. We had an outdoor afternoon coffee party and I wandered off and fell into a neighbor's sumpump. One pseudo cousin, Linnea, rescued me. From what I heard, it was in the last minute or a critical moment.

The party I do remember was the same type of party -- sunny afternoon coffee party in the garden. "Cousins" were there and many other friends and I remember a wandering musician stopped by with his accordion and played Italian love songs. My grandmother's chickens came out and stuck their necks out and enjoyed the music.