Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tale Number 2

Blick and Malte hurried up out of the creek bed. Blick could not draw a normal breath until they were out of sight of the school house. Her Father's voice was loud enough to catch them There were several hills between the two villages. Luckily the cat was quiet during his bumpy ride in Blick's apron. She knew he was hurting

When they reached the turnoff to Hitarp Malte said Blick, wipe your face on the corner of your apron. You look aful. She did the best she could. The Apron looked awful. She must be careful so her dress would be unspoiled when she returned home. Blicken could not endure her mother's look of of disappointment if she saw spots on the dress she had just recently grown into. Ida who still loved the dress would hide her glee if Blick got in troble


She was in so much trouble. She could never go home again,She had run away from home. She was planing to disobey her Father, But she could not even think of having her cat killed.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A tale of a tail

Blink's heart was broken. Her kitten's tail was injured. Father had said the kitten had to go. There was no money for a Vet. The one thing in the world that belonged to her had to die. She said to herself, if the cat has to die, she would die too. With the kitten in her lap, and with tears streaming down her cheeks she looked around for a place to hide, but there were too many people living in this small house. she would have to escape outside somewhere. She wrapped the cat in her apron, hoping there would be no blood stains, and crept silently out the kitchen door. Quickly she ran down toward the creek. running as quickly as she could and there she hid in the alder shoots.  
Almost at once she heard footsteps. She peeked out  to see who was coming and groaned silently. There was fat Malte coming. He must have been looking out the window in Father's School room.

Blinken, what are you doing down here, he flustered. When he saw her clearly he flustered louder saying Why are you crying? My cat has hurt her tail and Father says we have to get rid of the cat. My father, who is the horse shoer can help you. Let's go and ask him. Won't my Father get mad at you for ditching school? No, I was excused before I saw you. My father needs my help. Count Greve from Kristinelund is bringing all his stallions to be re-shod. But if we hurry he will have time to look at your cat before the Count arrives.

And so they hurried along the short;cut to Hittarp, the cat carried in Blink's apron.