Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy New Year!

Martha, who is very organized, said that last year on New Year's Eve I expressed my wish. My wish was that I would live one more year. So here it is almost New Year's Eve and I did achieve my wish. Can all of you say that you were as successful?

New Year's is important and I'd like to wish everyone who reads my blog Happy New Year!

I was reminded this weekend how frail people are when they get older. On Christmas Eve, I went outside and with just one wrong move, I wrecked my already bad knee. If you protect someplace where you are hurting, you ruin the balance in some other parts of your body. However, now I feel fine and my knee is not much worse than it was before.

 I am happy to inform everyone that I now have a new event in my life -- I have a great grand-daughter. She is 4 months old but until I held her it was a dream. Holding her and seeing her is an entirely different event that seeing pictures and videos of her.

She's a good baby and she looks intelligent in her young age and I wish for only good things happen to her.