Friday, May 31, 2013

Bad News

Blick put her arms around her mother dand half carried her the few steps that were left on their journeyBlick and her mother were half way to Helsinborg when Blick noticed that her mother's breathing was labored. Blick stopped walking and holding both of her mother's hands asked: Mor, are you sure you are able to walk this far. The hospital is a long way from here. We should have asked Birger to take us. No, I will walk a little slower. I know we have to be there at 11.30, but I will make it. Lean on me, mother. Then we will both make it. And don't talk. I will hum for you.
Blick tried to not increase the speed of their walking. She was so worried. Her mother had always been so strong. Blick remembered when she had lost her cat, many years ago. Her mother had been so strong and caring when she, Blick , had been so difficult. First, she had been unable to eat anything for weeks. Then she had developed  ear aches and her mother took her to Hoganas to the doctor. Then father, who reached his sixtieth birthday was retired, and they all had to move out of the school house before the fall term began. They had lived in Alerum since Ivar was born, Six other children were born in that  place and it was difficult for all to leave.The new living area was difficult to agree on. Botilda who grew up in Helsingborg wanted to live there, but Nils wanted to live near the water and he chose Viken as their new hometown.For a couple of years they  had tried to fit in, Viken was a seafaring village. People were either fishermen families or long seafaring people who would be gone for years at a time.  Most  were on sailing ships and the trips around South America and around South Africa were often delayed by lack of wind for their sails.
Botilda and Blicck had half a block to walk and Blick put her arms around her mother's back and practically carried her mother into the hospital. Instantly a nurse saw them and rushed over with a wheelchair. Bliuck found a seat and sat down sayinng a prayer.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Blicken said, where can I go to cry, where no one can see me. Mother frowned, thinking, and then said, The only place is in the kitchen garden. Father and I will see to it that no one will go out there. Take a pillow or a blanket and sit on the bench. You can lie down and cover yourself. But while you are trying to understand this, your poor little cat was still hurt when Malte's father had tried to get her better. She still would have had many difficulties if she had lived. And promise you will come and gat me if you need me. I will bring paper and  crayons and then you are on your own.And when you look for me, remember I will be in the cellar fixing the large crocks of lingon berries. Just open the door and call me.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What happened

Blick ate her oatmeal slowly. She loved her daily breakfast and missed the time she had before she started School. All attention then was heaped on the older children and she could sit in and dream by her plate of mush. But suddenly she was aware of her mother being gone a long time. Where was she! Had she gone to the outhouse? She hurried finishing her meal, put her plate by the dish pan and decided to go find her.
The house was quiet. Her mother was nowhere in sight. She must be in the back of the house. Up the slight hill where the outhouse was located she saw the door open. So she knew her mother wasn't there. She must be in the school room.
She walked around the whole building. When she came to the front, the door opened and both her mother and father cam out. Blick rushed over to hug her mother's knees. Mama, I couldn't find you, and I was so worried about you.
Come with us. We will go out in the kitchen garden. We have something to tell you.
Come here. I want you to sit in my lap. What we have to tell you is not easy for us. We know how much you loved your kitten. The reason she did not wake up when you did, was because some time during the night she died from her injuries. It's alright to cry. but better it will be for you if you draw a picture for her. You can also write a letter to her. We know you do not know how to write grownup. But if you take a pencil and pretend to write, your cat will understand what you were trying to tell her. We will put it in her little box and bury it when we bury her. And come and ask for help if you need it. When you love some one as much as we love you this magic will work. Now give me a kiss. And give your father a kiss too. He will help you too.