Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blick 6

Malte followed her all the way to the large road leading to Helsingborg. When they came to the little road for Alleru, he said ,can you find your way home now. Blick nodded and began running. She knew she should have said, thank you, but she was so scared of what would happen when she got home.

When she neared the school house she slowed down. What would happen when she saw her father. She ran in the kitchen door and there was her mother fixing the evening meal. Where have you been. She sobbed again saying, TFather said if the cat was hurt, we would have to get rid of him for we have no money to have him fixed. He is so sick, mother. Malte told me his father is very good with animals and told me to follow him. He took Topsy to see what he could do for her. He wants you and me to come this evening and he will tell us what he can do.

Where is your apron?

  Maltes father took it for I had topsy wrapped up in it. Ohh, Mother I am so sad that Topsy is hurting. She started crying harder. Her father walked into the kitchen. Blick, come with me. I want to hear how disobedient you have been today. There will be trouble.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blick 4

Lerberget was a long skinny town running from South to north along the coast.Wh en you approached the village from the south it was a little more than a path, unpaved, through a beech forrest. No houses were visible from the path, but there could be cabins or cottages hidden among the trees, The path was narrow.

Suddenly the path turned into a real road. and after passing a few houses, they had obviously arrived at Maltes house . In the rear was smedjan.

Maltes's father came out the back door. This is my Father and this is Blick. She is Teacher Olsson's daughter. He took the burden  Blick was carrying. He opened the apron and looked at the cat. Oj, oj, how did he get hurt. Do you know. No, Blick whispered. I will look him over and do  what I can to help him. Can you and your mother come back late this afternoon to pick him up. Malte,find a box to  keep him in.

Malte, the horses are coming about an hour from now. I need your help.Can you show Blick how to get back home. Blick would yoou like a glassof water before you leave.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blick 3

Blick tried hard to keep up with Malte, for his legs were a lot longer than hers. He did not talk to her at all, but checked to see that she wass not lagging too far behind.

She wanted to ask if the water she could see was Oresund and if the land over there was  Denmark. But she knew no words would come out, only long puffing. But the water looked different than the water she saw in Helsingborg where she sometimes got to go with her mother.

The hill down to Lerberget made the puffing stop. She had so many questions to ask, but Malte now was far ahead of her. Suddenly he stopped and when she caught up he said, Blick, let me hold the cat for a moment. Now take a corner of your apron and see if you can clean up your face. She did as she was told but he was not satisfied. Spit on a clean piece and rub around your nose and your mouth. After a while he looked nodded, gave her the cat and said, we are near smedjan and I want my Father to like you.

In no time they came to a place where the yard was full of strange things. There were several plows along the fence and many horse shoes hung on the fence. But she had seen manyof them in farms she passed on her way into Alllerum