Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blick 3

Blick tried hard to keep up with Malte, for his legs were a lot longer than hers. He did not talk to her at all, but checked to see that she wass not lagging too far behind.

She wanted to ask if the water she could see was Oresund and if the land over there was  Denmark. But she knew no words would come out, only long puffing. But the water looked different than the water she saw in Helsingborg where she sometimes got to go with her mother.

The hill down to Lerberget made the puffing stop. She had so many questions to ask, but Malte now was far ahead of her. Suddenly he stopped and when she caught up he said, Blick, let me hold the cat for a moment. Now take a corner of your apron and see if you can clean up your face. She did as she was told but he was not satisfied. Spit on a clean piece and rub around your nose and your mouth. After a while he looked nodded, gave her the cat and said, we are near smedjan and I want my Father to like you.

In no time they came to a place where the yard was full of strange things. There were several plows along the fence and many horse shoes hung on the fence. But she had seen manyof them in farms she passed on her way into Alllerum

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