Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summer Is Here

Last night was the first night of summer when I slept on top of the blankets. Iwas sad because the Oaklnd As were about to lose. I'm trying hard to develop an allegience to a local team. It's difficult to forget the Mariners. The other local team is the Giants of SF and that takes me back to the Giants of NY. And thn I remember the first baseball game I ever went to. The NY Giants were playing the Detroit Tigers. I was shocked when I heard the crowd booing DiMaggio. He stuck out a couple of times but I don't they were booing because of the strike outs. I think thy were booing because he married Marilyn Monroe and wasn't spending enough time on the game. That lead me into who took to to the baseball game. Then it took me a long time to go to sleep.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi Adrienne, Thank you for alerting me to the painting of the Black Woman and Child. I had forgotten about that painting. must have painted it in a class by Sir Thomas Leighton. In that year it might have been in a class by.Peter Blos. it was a surprise to see it. I like it though and am surprised at the quality of the painting for it was fairly early in my career as a painter. I dont know if you have already read about the reason for starting painting. When our fourth child was born and our oldest was four years and one month old I realized that we would have four children in college at the same time, and money might be tight and I better have some kind of income. This move has been so exciting. I love my wonderful house and the nearness of the two younger people next door. Everything is working so well and at this moment the two people from Bainbridge Island are here and we are having nothing but fun.There is a lot of eating and a lot of surfing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Martha, my number two daughter, has a birthday today. She has wanted a floor lamp for a long time, and today she decided was the day to check into the lamp supply in town. She came back with a lovely lamp. The shade is crystal  and is signed by the artist who created it. She was very happy with her choice.

Later, the three of us went to a fabulous restaurant perched on a cliff above the ocean. The view was breathtaking. Apparently the waves were of poor quality for e saw no surfers there. The menu in the restaurant was not of poor quality. The food was superb. Hope to go back there some day soon.

Tony Lance who lives Saint Croy is coming for a visit next week. She was about ten years old when we moved to Laguna Beach. She lived next door to us. I used to give her art lessons and before we moved away I gave her my Water colors. She has since become a well known, successful water colorist in the Virgin Islands. 

The following week Anna and Steve are supposed to drive here from Bainbridge Island. Looking forward to that too. And to make that weekend even more fun, Jane might come from Mill Valley while the Neffs are here. Three daughters all together is always fun.

A lot of commenters are saying 'please write more about your memories from your childhood'. I am so busy absorbing all the new experiences I am having. Just heard that it will cost me $150 to restore my old Viking sewing machine. It got all shook up during the move. I am torn. will I be able to use it. My eyes are quickly deteriorating. But I have a couple of projects to do.