Friday, August 22, 2008


Just a few words about the mangle. I promise never to mention one again. The mangle I mentioned was huge. Each polished slab of 'marble' was the size of a twin bed and as thick as a large fist. It was the rolling back and forth of this ton like smooth weight that made the sheets perfect. A lot depended on how well the items were 'laid' the day before.

And then to end this talk forever. We did not have a car, needless to say. There were only two cars in our village. One was a car you could rent. It was not called a taxi, but worked like one. The other one was owned by a business man whose office was in the city nearby. So how did my mother get her hundreds of sheets from our house at the north end of the village to the harbor where the building with the mangle was located. She put the rolled up sheets in a huge tote and put that in our wheelbarrow and with her four children tagging along wound her way.


BumbleVee said...

I was going to ask earlier how many sheets when you mentioned that it was done only twice a year and yet you each had many changes of sheets... oh, what a lot of heavy work women in those days did.

We have it so easy by comparison and still people whine....

Jodie said...

I can't imagine folding that many sheets. Now sheet sets are so expensive, I wash the same ones over and over. I have two sets for my king-size bed. I guess I should get a few more.

Anonymous said...

I love how you jump around, just like real memories do!

I think it is interesting how you can remember washing when you were in your homeland because it was made into an event, but not when you were in school in NYC because it was probably a "normal" task.

I like hearing how you give modern marvels a real life timeling. Keep writing!

Plot Whisperer said...

Didn't the sheets and towels wear out quickly with all that mangling??

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gertrude:

I have just finished reading your stories so far. They are wonderful and I am enjoying them very much. I will check back in to see when you have the next installment ready.

Yesterday was a very fun day and Keith and I are so happy to have met you.

Keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated reading about your life so long ago! It is so humbling to read of the challenges you faced. You were quite remarkable! I look for to the next chapter. Blake