Thursday, December 18, 2008

Los Angeles

We were met at the Los Angeles Flyg Station by an anxious father and husband. It was wonderful for all of us being united again. He had unwelcome news for us. We had to go to a friend and furniture plant owner of his, for lunch. His wife was a famous cook. I had met them several times during the SF Market. And we all liked them a lot. It was just that the thought of food was unbearable. That early morning Coffee still revolved in more than our thoughts. And this was a new morning where it was unseemly to think of Gourmet food. We all wanted to get home as soon as possible.

The food turned out to be what had been predicted. Absolutely fabulous. We tried to be hungry and we ate all we could, but we lacked the acting ability to give it what it deserved. We did not dawdle and soon we were on our way back to the airport to fly back to Oakland and then home. We all had questions for Sam. Did the renters leave the house the way they found it? Was anything missing? How had the guesthouse worked out for Sam. He said he would never let us leave without him. He had been so lonesome. We all promised to spoil him, now that we were back. Even Jane promised to help rake leaves when they began to fall. I had other unspoken promises.

The first thing that happened when we got home was that we all fell in bed and slept till next morning. The children checked on their belongings and the only thing missing was the Christmas record of the Kingston Trio. (I found one before the following Christmas in a junk-store) I could not find anything missing but I did discover that their children had set off fire crackers against the green walls in the living-room. Each one left a white spot and the repainting cost was taken off their cleaning deposit.

It was wonderful being back and I felt I would never want to leave again.


Jodie said...

It would be wonderful if you can give us some of your Christmas holiday memories when the children were at home.

Anonymous said...

My dad plays the guitar and is a big fan of the Kingston Trio. We listened to their Christmas album every year I was growing up in the 1960s. I was so glad that recently it became available on CD.

The Kingston Trio: The Last Month of the Year

My favorite song is still "Follow now, oh shepherds".