Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wonderful faces

Our bus left at 11.30 for our lunch tour to Blackberry Cafe in Joyce. There were fourteen of us going for this new adventure. And our driver whom you have heard about before, an absolute saint, with an invisible tiara. The average age, not counting our driver, was probably around 87. It was fun observing this group. Two of them were men.

There were two women who have been on every bus tour I've been involved in. They are not related, but this is probably a strong friendship which probably began after arriving here. At least five times I have heard one of them tell the other that she had a truck before she moved, but she sold it for she knew she would not need it here in the west. Her friend is about the same age came here from Florida where she also was involved in a farm.

The smallest woman there is a representative of God's. The first time I rode the bus, she tried to introduce me to her God. I must have been dismissive for she has never brought up the subject with me again. But I heard her tell that one of the people who died last week had refused to listen to her talking about God and now she feels so sorry for her for now it is too late. She actually grew up in Joyce, a tiny little community that doesn't have even one traffic light.

And one of the people weighs maybe less than the afore mentioned one, for she is soo thin. I knew her before moving here. Sam and I used to play bridge with her and her husband. She is so elegant and so proper, she looks as if she could go to tea with the queen any moment. Her husband was involved with logging and was a tall man and could have been a logger in a play.

One of the women, one who has a beautoful face and beautiful white hair is a walker. I think her group is called Klehanne. She seems very vital.

Then there was one woman that I have never been close to. The reason is that she is always sitting on a piano stool and she plays and plays. It is said that she doesn't know how to read music but she knows every tune that was ever popular. She can go on for hours. She is 94 or 97.

One of the men looked as if he had just stepped off the tractor, washed his hands, and ready for lunch. He wore a checkered flannel shirt and braces. The two men sat together and were totally different from each other. They sat across from Keith, the driver and could carry on a masculine discussion. Keith was meanwhile playing nanny to our piano player.

The two women sitting on either side of me are younger and seem very nice. I suggested to one of them that we share a bacon burger and luckily she was elated. It was the worst hamburger I have ever tasted. The bacon as underdone, the beef was either absent or so thin that you could not see it. And they must have cooked them an hour before we got there. They were cold.

Then we visited a couple of beautiful beaches on our way home. I heard one voice from the back of the bus saying: This is better than staring at four walls. That remark made me sad. There is much to do here and nobody should stare at four walls.
Next blog will be about some people this same age I remember from growing up in Sweden.


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Thanks for sharing another one of your adventures.

So sad about the 'four walls' comment. I always tell my kids "bored people are boring prople. Go make your own fun!" And if they still complain about nothing to do, I give them hideous chores.

Barbara said...

Darn! If I had known you'd be there, I would have sent my Mom to live in your community, right next to you!

Well, it's not really that clear or easy, and my Mom has a wonderful caregiver living with her, lots of family nearby, and she's doing fine, but at least in thought, I can give her a person like you next door and imagine how much fun you could have together.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Thanks for the little sketches of the people in your group. They sound like an interesting lot. I love the diversity of personalities.

Anonymous said...

You are so kind about Keith, but remember, I have to live with him!!! He loves his job!!!

Haphazardkat said...

My Mother will be 83 next month. The "God" lady you described is such an avid description of my Mom I had a momentary wonder if it was she!
She is not one to be trapped on a bus ride with...

Vancouver, WA