Monday, December 14, 2009


One year I decided that it would be fun to make the month of December more fun for our four children. Late in November I went to the lumber yard and bought a piece of plywood which I covered with a gray material on which had sewn Santas and snowmen. Then I attached twenty four hooks. On these hooks I tied four small presents, all wrapped in four different colors. Each child got to draw the color they wanted.

The gifts were insignificant but something they either needed or something they liked to snack on. Sometimes the present was something that could not be a surprise for them. (Such as a pencil) I remember their cries of delight when they got something meaningful or something tasty. Toward the end of the period they got a small box of thank you cards to be used after Christmas and then there was a small envelop with postage stamps and on the twenty fifth I remember trying hard to find a 'diamond ring' from the dime store for each of the girls and something equally ridiculous for Gilbert.

After a year or so each of them had their own calendar. Four times twenty four is ninety six. It was a chore wrapping these ninety six items, it was a bigger chore amassing all these items and I sometimes wondered why I had begun this tremendous chore. But the girls enjoyed it and so it went on into their college years. I now see Anna, my number one daughter( I don't know if it is correct to say oldest or eldest) fix one of these for her younger daughter. (who is about to try for her Masters)

I think Anna also made an advent calendar for her Mother'in'Law. It gave me a good feeling that that old ritual might go on and spread far.

Happy Day After Lucia.


Kate said...

What a fantastic tradition. I'd love to do that if I have kids. :)

Anne said...

Either is correct, I believe ~ eldest or oldest. Eldest is an alternative superlative for old.

I love reading your blog so much and I wish you could write every day. It is worth the wait and makes each post even more special.

A few years ago another blogger told us about Santa Lucia day and showed us how to make a Santa Lucia doll with a peg style clothes pin.

I hope you are having a lovely holiday season, dear Svensto. Your blog is a very special gift to me.


Barbara said...

The child who has a mother like you is, indeed, blessed.