Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Adventure

Tomorrow I will go to Bainbridge Island for a series of lessons in Porcelain painting. In 1945 I took lessons in this subject in Sweden while I was waiting for Sam to come from Germany to join me. I painted the soup terrine (sp) and the tiles for a coffee table and a couple of lamps and smaller items. I have never found a way to have ware such as this fired and I felt taking lessons from this teacher whose work I really admire was the solution to finding these sources.

The classes are early in the fore noon so I have to leave here early in the morning. Luckily I don't have to drive for Gilbert and Chris will take me to Polsbo, more than half the way, and Anna will pick me up and take me to my destination. I am so lucky to have such co-operative relatives, for I am a little unsure of driving that far. The second class will be on Saturday and I will be spending the meantime with Anna and Steve and their new Blood Hound. I'm anxious to meet her, the dog, and to see all the new things in their house, such as a new kitchen and other alterations to their house.

And tomorrow night Anna and Steve have invited good friends of mine who moved from here to Bainbridge a couple of years ago, to come for dinner. That will be fun. Friday Anna and I will have some shopping to do. There is the most fantastic yarn store there.

Saturday is another class and then I will reverse my mode of travelling. A neighbor, Mary Fran has promised to check on my cat while I am gone.

A historical thing happened last week. Ken Griffey Jr retired from baseball. It made me very sad. I have shed a tear over a baseball player only once before. When Lou Gehrig gave his farewell speech in Yankey Stadium in the late 1930s or early forties, I shed many tears.


Barbara said...

I hope you have the most wonderful time!!!

Susan said...

You have such a sparkly spirit much like your grandaughter. I enjoy both of your blogs. Thank you for being part of my e-life.



Anonymous said...

Sent you a letter about windmills via Shreve, but forgot to mention that if you go to the internet and type VIKEN OLD MILL you will get sevral interresting hits and one starting with VIKENS CULTURE AND VILLAGE ASSOSIATION tells that the mill was build in 1837 - by Niels Peter Nielsen-Lindberg - meaning that it is a little older than my mill. Love EM in DK