Friday, August 13, 2010

My house is empty

The three girls left this morning and I miss them already. The only sign that they were here, the refrigerator is still full of wonderful food. This morning Martha made an egg omelet and used up a variety of food and it was delicious. But there are so many more remainders. We went out to eat several times but cooked dinner here except last night when there was a request for Blue Flame ribs. We ordered take out, and there are even two ribs that I can have with my Vodka and Tonic tonight. 

Remainders and reminders. My heart is filled with the warmth of their love. I have told you that we have two new families in our immediate neighborhood. Martha said,  'Let's invite people for a quick little coffee hour so they get to know who lives near them and all of a sudden there were ten or twelve people gathered in this little minute room. We had tiny sandwiches with cucumbers and thin, thin ham, and sugar cookies and chocolate covered almonds.  

I was encouraged by the girls to use my walker more. So I walked down to their car, using it, and I have to admit it is much easier to walk. And so another long fare-well. I don't want to rely on the walker too much, for walking with it makes me feel old. I am old, but do I want to feel it?


Anonymous said...

Making it easier to walk might end up making you feel younger!
Great idea to meet the neighbors. I love cucumber tea sandwiches.

Unknown said...

You are so artistic, have you thought about painting or decorating your walker? That would be so neat!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

I can understand that you don't want to feel dependent on the walker. On the other hand, if it makes it easier for you to walk, perhaps it will help you continue to stay as active as you are. Maybe you can use the walker more at home and revert to the cane when you're out in public.

Anonymous said...

I feel this way when my kids have been home and then left. It's a wistful feeling.
I think you should use the walker. Won't "not" walking make you feel older in the long run? I like the decorating suggestion!

Mary said...

My husband's grandmother - Nani to us - turned 90 this spring. She resisted using her walker, and instead sits. Well, now she's sitting all the time - in a wheelchair - whether she wants to or not. If you use the walker and are able to walk more, do more, and walk farther, it feel it will keep you active (read: young!) far longer.