Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Fire Works?

I tried to remember if I ever saw fire works in Sweden. The only thing of that sort were the big fires we lit on the beach below our house. It was mostly done on the evening before the first of May. Walborgsmassoafton, it was called. But I think it was permitted on Midsummernightsafton also. There would be lots of singing and occasionally dancing. But most often the dance was held in our park, around the Maypole. Midsummer is the 24 of June and yet the pole is called the May pole.

But if we wanted to see real fire works we would have to go to Kopenhagen. Tivoli gardens were always fun. Sometimes that got very expensive. One time I had my four children with me and when our trip on the train came into the place to exit the train my cildren had heard that once you were a paid customer you could ride around on the train as many times as you wished. I told them to follow me off, but as I turned around they stayed on the train, and then waved to me every time they circled again. I finally found out that they couldn't get off till they paid for all the extra rides. I said you will find me back at our hotel. Good luck! They all cried
'we have no money' Then you have to have more than good luck. They were more co-operative after that.

Another thing happened on that trip to Kopenhamn. I told them that we would go to a John Wayne movie. It was shown on the same street where our hotel was. So we decided to walk. And we walked and walked. Block after block. I was so tired from a long day of sight seeing. But we went on and on. When we got to the theatre we found out it was barn forbjudet. No children allowed. There was violence shown and children couldn't see violence. I wonder if I could have taken them to a movie with a little nudity shown. Live and learn.

But nothing compares with the fire works on July Fourth in America. It is stirring and everyone loves them. But they are war like.

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Anonymous said...

I love to read your blog posts, every single one is lovely. It would be nice to hear more about Sweden, too, if you ever think of writing of it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Best.