Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blicken, continued

She had to bend over his knees and 'Father was dressed in his school clothes. The grip on her hand was so tight it almost hurt.And his legs were so long, she could hardly keep up,which made her hand hurt more. But worst of all, he was holding his pruning shears in his other hand. Oh, she knew what what meant. She had seen what happened to Ivar, her oldest brother. And to Helena and Alma. All of them talke  d of going to America when they were 17. Would she have to go to America too?

When they got to the end of the school property, Father handed her the shears and told her to cut three pieces of the old bush growing out side the fence. She could just bare;y hold the shears with one hand, while she was holding a straight branch of the bush. And her fingers were too small to cut the branch. Her crying had not stopped and her nose was running and Father's thumb was rubbing th pointing finder. She knew he was getting angrier as he watched her fumbling.

Here, give me the cutters. I will cut them, but instead of three, you will get four. Through her tears she saw that the fourth branch was a lot older than the ones she had chosen.


And off they walked to the out house designated for the family. There were boys kicking ball in the opposite part of the school yard. There would be twittering tomorrow when they saw her. Thank goodness he closed the the door when they got to the 'dass'

I think you have been told never to leave the school grounds unles you are with your parents or older syskon'

I was afraid my cat was dying. Topsy made such sad noises. Malte told me his father knows how to help animals.

Here Blow your nose. And pull your pants down. And come here.

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suzanne said...

Thanks for this latest post! Can't wait for the next one...a wonderful story!