Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I mentioned yesterday that I was reading the book review in the N.Y. Times. My employers were all rich and probably read the NY Tribune And since I was reading their day old news paper that was probably it. The only way I can make certain is that I remember a comic strip called Them days is gone forever. If there is someone as old as I am, and lived in New York let me know.

Zandra, the physical therapist, took me under her wing and convinced me to join the class she was teaching in horseman ship. She had a large class and most of the people in her class were teenagers. I had to order a pair of jodpurs from Abercrombie and Fitz (it seems denim was not yet invented) and she also insisted on low riding boots. That took care of all my savings.

The second time we met and rode around in a huge arena, she put on a hair raising show of horseman ship and rode bareback and circled around the arena standing on one hand, and several other dare-devil tricks. Her public was open mouthed. And then she told us all to go back and un-dress our horses and then she, sitting bare back on her horse slipped quietly off her horse. It looked like a normal finale to her show. But she had actually fallen off the horse. She went to the hospital and after x-rays found out she had a fracture somewhere in her spine.

She was in the hospital for a long long time. I had no money and no health insurance so I decided to pack away my expensive riding clothes. They did come in handy when in Texas my husband said: Let's go horseback riding.

There is much history between the accident and the Let's go horseback riding. Be Patient.


BumbleVee said...

Oh, please don't hurry..... although some are impatient.. I enjoy a lovely long story...... yours promises to be superb....

Marlene said...

I love your paint a beautiful picture with your words!
Marlene from Cambria

Allie said...

I love reading your stories. Neither of my grandmothers ever told me about their lives as girls. I feel like I'm being caught up on one of the most important generations the world has ever seen. Thank you, and I'll eagerly await more.

Sarah said...

horse talk .. yeah!! keep it coming .. enjoying your story! I think one day you will have many pages to fill your book with!!

Cedar ... said...

I'm here,... and I look forward to each morning when I check your blog. Please keep telling us your stories!

hello haha narf said...

patience is not something i am good at, however for you i will wait!

love your story telling.


Haphazardkat said...

oh no! Did she break her back sliding off the horse or during one of her stunts?
How odd life can be at times--in a blink things can change.
I anxiously await more stories from you :)
Kat (from Vancouver, Wa)

Sarah Mattingly Photography, LLC said...

I am having a grand time reading your stories! My father is actually a bit older (92) and did live in NYC, so I will ask about the paper. Quite a few years ago, when my parents were moving, we went through some of his things and found an old Brooks Brothers shirt in its original packaging with a price tag of $1.99 on it. Your Abercrombie story reminded me of this. We sent it to Brooks Brothers for their museum or such. Just like my dad to keep something forever.

Sara said...

Hello Svensto!

Your blog is simply lovely. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. It makes me wish that I still had my grandparents.

I did a little research of my own and found your old comic, "Them Days is Gone Forever". The link is attached, if you'd like to see them again.