Saturday, August 23, 2008


The School year was over and there was one job available at the Hospital where our schooling took place. Many of us applied. Some had promises of jobs from their own home tracts. We were all on pins and needles waiting for the the decision. The take home pay from the job was $112.00 a month. I was the winner. It was good for my feeling of accomplishment and good for my diet.

About this time I met a young woman who was looking for a room mate. She asked me to go looking for something affordable. We found an apartment on the East side directly across the street from the UNITED NATIONS BUILDING property. The war was not over and there was no United Nation Building yet.

Her name was Doris Davenport and she had been the star in a movie with Gary Cooper. The movie was THE WESTERNER and I see it occationally on TV. I never miss it when I see it announced. She had been discovered when the studios were looking for Scarlet O'Hara. She got a contract for other films but there was some wording about her weight. The studio sent her back to NY to continue modeling and to lose weight.

We had so much fun together and for the first time I felt young and free and unencumbered. My rent was too high for my meager salary and Doris convinced me I could make twice as much money working one job of modeling as I earned for a whole month in the hospital. So I went to a modeling school. Learned how to walk and how to apply make up. And I did get a few jobs and they did pay well but my job as Physical Therapist filled me with pride.

One day Dr Hansson asked me if I would substitute for his secretary who was also the receptionist in the clinic. I agreed. My work was mostly signing in the patients and taking their 1 dollar fee, and later taking the money to the front reception. It was easy but boring. All the PTs went home about 4 PM and I had to sit at my desk until 5. We were at the end of a long long corridor. It was a little scary, for there was nobody around.

One day while waiting for the clock to move, I heard footsteps aproaching. It was some one who did not have rubber heels. It was someone who was not in a hurry. I waited without taking a normal breath. And suddenly the foot steps had reached my door. And there stood the most handsome Army Captain. I was so relieved to see him, I smiled and said: May I help you. He claimed those were the first friendly words he had heard in NY. I saw from his insignia that he was a doctor and he told me he was an orthopedic surgeon. He asked for my phone number. I am getting rapid heart activity just telling this. I think I have to pour myself a glass of wine.


Pat Austin Becker said...

Good lord woman, you know how to leave a cliffhanger!! I love this!

Haphazardkat said...

ARGH! You are such a tease! :)

Can't wait to read the rest...

Vancouver, WA

pogonip said...

I've been enjoying your stories so much (loved remembering about my grandma's mangle).

Now you totally have me hooked with this handsome young man who's entered your life! I can't wait for the next installment.

hello haha narf said...

how exciting!
i'm eagerly anticipating your next post!!

Polly said...

Ms. Svensto, I am getting rapid heart activity waiting for the next installment. A handsome young soldier … oh my!

I read your blog before I go to sleep. You give me good dreams.

Thank you for sharing your memories with us. You are as fascinating as Shreve and her menagerie.

Cin said...

Oh, that last line made me laugh! I've been reading ever since Shreve posted your link to Twitter.

Keep it up this blog is awesome!

Marlene said...

Ahhhhh I think this may be your husband to be?? we will see!!!
Marlene from Cambria

Barbara said...

Ah, a love story now enters the picture! Can't wait for the next installment.

Your blog is great and I look forward to reading it every day. My Mom is 93 and has just started using the internet. I sent her the link to your blog, because your writing should be an inspiration to her.

I have tried to post a comment before and have not gotten through. I hope this one gets to you. You and Shreve both make my day, every day!!!!!!

With best wishes,

Unknown said...

Love it love it love it!

Heart pounding till the next installment...

Julien in NYC

Liz said...

You did this on purpose!!!! - making us gasp and have to wait!

kels. said...

Awww, way to leave us in suspense!

kiki said...

another cliffhanger!
you brighten my day with your stories, grandma svensto!
can't wait to read more!

Jamie Welsh Watson said...

OMG! Yes! You are leaving us all hanging, in such an awesome way! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face this Sunday evening.

MJ's doghouse said...

that is sooooooooooo not fair young lady...soo not

pammy...victoria bc canada

Anne said...

Darling Lady, this is more intriguing than any novel. At least with a novel I could turn the page or read the last chapter to find out how the story ends.

Every morning I rush into my office to start my computer so I can read your next installment. And yes, your blog is on the top of my list. I must always read it first!

Kimberley said...

I am absolutely loving your stories of your early days in NYC. I can't wait to hear more!

Unknown said...

I have read all of your stories in one sitting!

I cannot wait to read more!


Barbara said...

What a story! You are so brave and wonderful in sharing it with us, exactly as it happened! You are great! I look forward to hearing many more stories of your life.
P.S. To me, you are a more important person than that man who tricked you.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

I am so glad I'm catching up! Don't have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens!!
~ Bobbie, Conyers, GA