Monday, January 12, 2009

Diane Sayer

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Sam and I arrived at the tennis courts and found our partners there already. We were introduced by Steve. Diane was a young beautiful woman. Ron had been seen in the press so often that one felt as though he was an old acquaintance. Sam and I had had no time to speak about this new adventure, but one of us said in the car down the hill 'Lets not make any reference to Water Gate, for they must be so sick of talking about it.

So we played tennis. They won one game and we won the next. Sam said 'Do you have time for a third game? Ron said' No, we have to go back to feed the press. They are all waiting for us at the hotel where we are all staying. We tell them if anything has developed news wise since yesterday. We shook hands and said thank you at the net. Just to prove to them that we would not talk about Water Gate I asked as if in passing, 'Ron have you ever been in Australia? He said 'yes.' Diane said ' Ron you have been in Austria but not Australia. I said hurriedly 'My brother who has been lost for almost twenty years, turned up today in Upper Fern Tree Gully. They said thank you again. And they left.

Either the next day, or the next, Steve called again and said Ron Ziegler and Diane Sawyer would like to play tennis again with the Stocktons. We agreed and that afternoon we began another siege. They won one set and we won one set. Can you play the deciding set? said Ron. Yes if you will come up to the house for a drink, said Sam. We played another game and we must have lost for I do not remember who won it. And afterwards we drove in tandem up the hill and when we got in Sam went to make our drinks and with one voice they said to me" Tell us about you brother."

I said I know almost nothing. Said that he had written to the hometown Lutheran minister and asked for addresses of his siblings, My mother and the minister had tried calling him, but there was no phone number listed. I had tried too and I had been as unsuccessful as the ones in Sweden. And so Sam brought the drinks and Ron said I have to check in. And then the phone rang and Ron said, Yes Boss etc. so we knew that Nixon had been the one calling. Historical!!! He was in Palm Springs visiting the Annenbergs and on his way there he had had a Big Mach for the first time in his life. Will you excuse me for a few minutes, for I have to tell the world the news. (from our Phone) Historical !!!! Ron and Diane left soon after and when they were gone we turned on the radio and heard on the LA radio station that Nixon had eaten a Big Mach for the first time.


Haphazardkat said...

How exciting! Nixon, Diane Sawyer and a long lost brother!
Definetly book worthy :)

Vancouver, WA

Jodie said...

Fast food. Who knew it could make news? Of course, I'm from San Antonio. It made the news there during the Carter admin. when he tried to eat a tamale with the corn shuck still on it! We all laughed having grown up with Mexican food. When I moved up to Dallas, to work for a big corporation, I had to learn to cook my own. 20 years ago, there weren't many Tex-Mex restaurants here in Plano TX. Now there are probably over 200 restaurants in Plano and at least 10-15 Tex-Mex. I'm sure the poor economy will thin the ranks of restaurants as people will not be eating out every night as some people do. My husband cooks for me since he's disabled/retired early. I get to work 9-6 daily. I wish I could be a full time volunteer, but unless I win the lottery, I'll probably have to work until I'm in my late 60s. The stock market has eaten 40% of my retirement savings to date.

Alison said...

Thank you for a very interesting story. I did some research about Ms Sawyer and discovered something that I didn't know about her... I guess while she was Mr. Ziegler's assistant she was dating on of Mr. Nixon's aides... Frank Gannon. Anyhow, I love learning new things and thanks to you I have! You must have been so thrilled to know that Mr. Nixon was on your phone! I will await your next post to hear about your brother... a very interesting story indeed!

Stella said...

Diane Sawyer was also one of the Deep Throat suspects and I was most disappointed to find out it *wasn't* her.

Jo in MN (not Stella)

Melissa Weisbard said...

You have definitely had an interesting, event-filled journey. It is so wonderful reading your blog and hearing about your life.

smitty said...

I love how you're combining two stories here!