Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ron and Diane and my brother

Once more we were asked to play. We were evenly matched. Ron and Sam were equal in their playing. Maybe Sam was slightly better, for he had without a doubt the weaker partner. ( I began playing when I reached my midlife for I knew I didn't want to get fat. )

Again we had drinks after our play. Diane went to wash up and Sam went to fix drinks and Ron said to me' Why were you and Diane so bad today. Your tennis was atrocious.'

I said 'I don't know about Diane, but I know the reason for my poor play. I can't sleep. I lie awake all night thinking about my brother. Why was he incommunicado for so long. Had he lost his memory? Had he been in prison? Had he been lost in the desert? It was not like him, not to keep in touch with mother.

Ron said, we will return to Washington before long and then I will see what I can do to help you. And then we relaxed and enjoyed the company of Bruce Sumner, the judge who had married Anna and Steve. He and Ron had served together in Sacramento in the legislative arena. It was pleasant. Then Diane suggested we all come down to the Western White House to get a look around. She promised to call in the morning to let us know what was happening there. I asked if Anna and her two children could come along, and I think I remember that we all went together and we saw the surroundings but could not see the living quarters. We were allowed to see the office and there on the wall hung a portrait of President Eisenhower painter by the Whyatt son and that was the most exciting thing for me. We had already said thank you and goodbye to Diane when she suddenly remembered that she had not given us any mementos from the event. She dashed back to the office and returned with paper napkins inscribed with pictures of the White House, and matches. We said goodbye and thank you again.

That night we heard that they had all flown back to Washington.

Next morning about 8.00 am the phone rang. THIS IS THE SIGNAL-BOARD FROM THE WHITE HOUSE IN WASHINGTON D.C. We need to speak with Mrs Stockton. Tell us all you know about your brother. I knew very little and repeated every word mother had told me. She had tried to find him through the Salvation Army. No luck. The voice on the phone said 'We'll get in touch later.

I sat around all day wondering what I should do. I twiddled my thumbs to the right and I twiddled my thumbs to the left. I could have baked bread, but I was low on flour. I could have begun a new painting, but my hands were shaking. Eventually the day had passed and then the phone rang. What if I trip as I run for the phone. I answered HELLOW HELLOW. And then the voice said We are getting on to happenings in Upper Fern Tree Gully. It will be a while. But we'll be in touch. End of conversation.

I wanted to know what 'a while meant. A few minutes, a few hours, a a few weeks? I had to go down town to get food for dinner. I wrote a note to Sam and said I would be gone a maximum of fifteen minutes. Come and get me if somethin happens. Within minutes the phone rang and the voice on the phone said We have Mrs. Stockton's brother on the phone. Sam said can you call back in 10 minutes. I'll get her.

And so we waited again and then the phone rang. There he was. I think I will tell his story on the next blog for this is getting too long. I did call my mother and told her what I learned. And I will tell you too. Later.


Allie said...

Oooh!! You tease! I've been hoping you were able to find your brother, and now it's "To be continued"! I'll be waiting on pins & needles. (c:

Anonymous said...

Oh I am SO looking forward to reading more about your brother. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!

educatedeclectic said...

The art of the serial storyteller = svensto.


Della said...

On pins and needles, yes, exactly what I was thinking! I'm very anxious to hear more about your brother! :)

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

This is so exciting! The name dropping, the white house, a long lost brother...more please!

(I wonder if Diane Sawyer has seen your blog yet...)

Joanna said...

This blog just gets better and better!