Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academy Awards

One of my favorite programs on Television comes on Sundays at five o'clock in the afternoon on C-Span - Barbara Lee was the interviewee for an hour. Barbara Lee is the Congress woman who voted no on giving President Bush's asking for the right to take USA into War after 9'11. She was the only no vote in the US Congress. If you have any chance to see that interview make sure you do. She is a fantastic woman. She had a checkered past and her being able to get herself to where she is today is truly admirable.

When Anna read my blog about Jr. she said: What are you going to be working on while you watch baseball this summer. She knows I can not do nothing while watching TV. I said, jokingly, I'll have to make you another dining-room rug. I have a much better idea, she said. Why don't you work on Fake it in Fabrics, using a Hockney swimming pool painting to copy in fabrics and then you can donate them to SAVE OUR POOL for a fundraisers. Copying the paintings of an artist who is alive is not permissible so I immediately wrote to him to ask for permission. I think it said it might take three weeks to get a response. So I want everyone who reads this blog to cross your fingers for five seconds, wishing a correct response to come from him. I will let you know what his response is, and if it is a positive answer, I will take pictures of what I create from his paintings, and even let you know how much money is raised from my endeavor.

Since I titled my blog Academy Awards I will have to say something about what I saw. All the women who were nominated ( except the actress from the bridges of ??? county) sounded either British or Australian. I love their accents, they are all truly beautiful, and even though I have seen none of the movies, I felt it was a happy affair. I read The Reader yesterday and it was a magnetic book. The woman seemed wooden in the book. (except in bed) She must have done a really great job of acting.
I will try to read the other books of the nominated movies.


Ptolemy said...

Madison County was the word you were thinking of... A movie I could never see although I love the book...

Bonnie's blog said...

Nice that you love our accents! They sound pretty ordinary to us! I think the UK has done very well this year with awards. I still feel I can hear your accent which to my mind is Swedish with some americanisms in it when I read your blog - utterley charming. Still loving reading it even though we are no longer in the past - and I don't really understanda bout that game we call 'rounders' but hey ho!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

I read The Reader a few years ago. Apparently Oprah recommended it. I did not enjoy it at all, though I guess I can see now why the story was compelling enough to make into a movie.

I also recently read Revolutionary Road, (the movie also starring Kate Winslet) and it was uncanny how the characters as they were described in the book are such a perfect match for the actors who portray them in the movie.

I watched part of the awards last night and I loved how they presented the awards.

Meryl Streep is the name you were looking for.

Jodie said...

If you haven't watched Mamma Mia and have a DVD player, I recommend renting it. Meryl Streep was wonderful in it and it's a musical. I hope it signals that we will have more movie musicals again. I love the classics of Rogers & Hammerstein. I just bought the recording of their musical that was never recorded until now... Allegro. I heard about it on NPR.

YTT said...

I just love your blog, but the combination of your pithy comments on The Reader (your post said more than many critics manage to do in a whole article) and the discovery that you, too, love baseball has catapulted me into a new state of fan-dom. You are my favorite thing on the Internet.