Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hope for a wonderful summer

There is frost on the grass outside my front door. So what is this summer talk? The news last evening said Ken Griffey Jr has finally decided to spend next season with the Seattle Mariners. I heard a Seattle fan say: I will go to all the home games if Junior decides to come back to Seattle. I feel the same way. I can't go to the games, but I promise to watch all the games on TV or if that is impossible at some time, I'll listen to the game on radio. I know Ken is nearly fourty, and he is prone to injuries, but I feel he is ours. He left because he wanted to be closer to family, which makes him more loveable, but he is older now and maybe it will be easier for him. If it is his wife and children who would rather be nearer family, what can we do to help them? I will volunteer to act as a grandmother for his children, but I realise that what with the Hood Canal Bridge being closed for six months, we would have to meet in Port Townsend to do our grandparenting.

I could not sleep last night thinking about the joy the baseball season will give Seattle this year. Junior is not the only one to raise our spirits. We have many to be grateful for. And I am curious about our new manager, Don Wakamatsu, and am eager to hear some of his post game talks with the press. Hope they will be rivetting. He is a handsome dude, but we have had handsome before and it does not help the post game programs.

I saw the last of my post birthday mds yesterday afternoon and since we had not seen each other for a couple of years we had some catching up to do. I told her that I am now a bread winner. She was happy for me and hoped I was making huge amounts of money. I aid No. I am just making enough to buy bread. And then I told her about my blog and about the advertising and that my family has grown by hundreds and how much fun it is reading your comments. She said" You have made my day. I am no longer afraid to grow old.

And then the good news about Junior. My cup runneth over.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now without adding a comment and I wonder how many do the same. My journalist son says writers want and enjoy feedback and I should let my favorites know how I feel. You are truly an inspiration and I look forward to reading about your old and new escapades!

Amy said...

That is much the way I feel when I spend time with my grandmother -- that I shouldn't be afraid to grow old because if I can have half the fun and fulfillment she has at 84 years old, I'll be incredibly lucky.

I've told her about your website and that I think she should also start a blog. She has some great stories to tell. She's yet to be convinced but I hope she'll come around!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I read your blog every day -- if you don't post that day, I go back and re-read some of your older posts and hunt for goodies that I missed. I have shared your blog with as many as I can. I am afraid that my commentary is very limited, compared to your shared stories and sentiments about the world around us. As always, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

Faithful reader,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Griffey is coming HOME! I am very excited about this years Season, it is about time we had another winning season. I am not sure what the role of Griffey will be but I can see him being an awesome DH. Edgar was something else but can you imagine the power of Griffey in the DH spot? I am excited as I am too live in the NW out by that big ole airplane manufacturing plant. I am going to visit my parents in Mesa and going to Spring Training, going to see our boy Griffey, will be fun.
Keep up the blogging, you are terrific and I look forward to your posts.

Ptolemy said...

Congratulations -- every loaf of bread helps!

Emiana said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you rock!

Anonymous said...

Dear Svensto, Love reading your life stories! I came over from Shreve's blog. Oh so interesting! What a wonderful life you have had (and still are!) Thanks for everything. Sincerely xo

amy said...

Down in California, I am sitting in a patch of sunlight that has been faithful to me all morning. But I will try and extract a promise that the sun will go visit you in Seattle soon!
I wish I could have told myself when I was 15 that aging would be so wonderful. I did have a precalculus teacher who tried, but I really didn't like precalculus so it didn't get through to me ;)

Joanna said...

Baseball is one of my very favorite things. I used to listen to the Dodger games on the radio with my grandmother when I'd visit her in the summers. My grandparents were ranchers and they never really had access to TV so it was radio all the way. Baseball on the radio was grand.

Anonymous said...

We are excited about Junior also. My husband is a big Reds fan and actually has a poster of Ken Sr. from when he Played with them. Do you remember when they played together? That was really great! The Mariners may not have winning season this year, but it will be memorable.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day and I love the stories of your wonderful and interesting life.

I'm going to start clicking on your ad links as well, maybe that will bring in a few more dollars for FANCY bread!!


Jodie said...

Dear Mrs. G,
I love a baseball fan. My husband is a former sports reported and absolutely adores baseball of all leagues. I enjoy minor league games in person the most. We love to travel in the summer and visit a couple of games wherever we are... and it looks like we can head west this summer again thanks to my new employers.

I've been missing reading you and my other bloggers, but as you mentioned I'm one of those who has been looking for work. I worked for a large multinational semiconductor company. In January they laid off 1800 people and another 1600 took retirement and early retirement. So many of the 1600 are also looking for work. In my area, the computer folks like me lost 30% of our jobs.

Luckily I have already found a job (3 weeks after the layoff!). I will start in mid-March working in downtown Dallas. I live one country north in Plano, but we do have a light rail train into Dallas that I can take.

I'm just happy to have found a job almost as well paying as my prior one. I was having visions of being homeless along with my husband and cat. The husband is disabled at age 56. I'm < 50 so didn't get offered the early retirement package. They were very generous with severance and other benefits, so I will be benefiting by that so that I can pay off some debts and put some in savings now.

I hope your hand is feeling better. I'm not 70-something but when my cat digs her claws into my shoulder (likes to perch there) it really hurts alot. Take care and enjoy the loaf of bread that our reading of your blog buys!!!


terrie, jackson, lexie said...

This is my first comment, but I have read your blog from week one. I, too, was sent this way from your Granddaughter's blog. I had moved from Woodinville to be closer to my Grandfather and finding you, connected me back to the NW...And I am very excited for Junior to be back with the Mariners...I watch them when I can...they dont get much air time in Montgomery, AL...with Atlanta just up the road! Hugs! terrie

Anonymous said...

This comment it to Renee - how do you know the Mariner's won't have a winning season? Nobody will know until the end. You can't go into the season before it starts already defeated. What kind of baseball fan is that? I am rooting for them all the way, have been a fan of the Mariner's since they started playing in Seattle. Their day will come and I hope all the band wagon fans stay home.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I never said they won't have a winning season, I said they may not. Jr's not as young as he used to be and they are going through quite a few changes. I hope they do well, but am looking at it through realistic eyes and not rabid fan eyes.