Friday, May 28, 2010


I am speaking now of my condition. I feel happy about several Salmon Berry bushes in full bloom that I have to pass every time I am on my way to my garage. And I am equally thrilled when I open my curtains in the morning. Every time I have to go to the grocery store I pick a small bloom with a couple of buds and they last on my kitchen counter two or two and a half days. I am promising myself that I will paint a watercolor of the bush or at least a card of the single one sitting on the counter. Watercolors are difficult to paint for it is such a fleeting time one has to accomplish anything. I promise myself TOMORROW. If I dawdle too long I will have to live until next year when they bloom again. I am such a coward.

My own condition has been a sorry story. I don't think I told you about having to go to the dentist a couple of weeks ago. I had a tooth way back in the rear of my mouth that had at one time suffered a root canal. About four or five years ago that tooth broke off about level with my gum. As time passed this loss caused pain in my jaw joint. So I had to use pain medicine. I took two extra strength Tylenal every morning and two every evening. It made my life tolerable but unbeknownst to me, it totally threw off my blood-thinning treatment and suddenly that had to be re-arranged. What a nuisance. I should not complain for I have been lucky as far as health is concerned.

My good friend Toni, came for a visit. I told you about her fabulous gifts while she was here. Yellow orchids, a bottle of rum from her home Island in the Virgin Islands, a wonderful dinner at our best Mexican restaurant and it goes on and on. And then I got a large envelop with probably 15 American stamps. In it a beautiful embroidery from the Panama area. I love the work they are famous for and I am going to try to copy that. It will not be a native American sort of pattern. Maybe I can try to make a Salmon berry pattern. I will let you know what develops. Thank you Toni.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the tooth. Can't you just have it removed?
I looked up Salmonberry, had never heard of it in Alabama. It's beautiful! Also berries edible, it attracts hummingbirds and revegetates stream banks! Sounds like an all around great plant! Lucky you.

Barbara said...

I have had similar tooth troubles and a friend of mine just had one break as yours did. We both had the rest of the offending tooth (i.e. the roots) removed. It's not tons of fun to have the procedure but once it's done you are in really good shape again.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence. I did not know salmonberry, so I look it up in google - and found out that it is the bushes in my garden that I never had a name for. If you had a emailadress I would send you a picture.
I have been follwing your blog ever since Shreve wrote that her grandmother had recomended the book of the potato peel club. One of my favourites too. And I am stocking knitter myself - enjoyed yor colours and admire your diligence. One question: I should very much like to se some of your paintings - especially water colours - any hint to wherer to find them?
God luck with your tooth. Love EM in DK