Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend number 2 plus

I forgot to tell of all the wonderful things that came my way last weekend.

Anna brought a gift bag that had something strange in it. I had to guess and my first guess, because it had a long handle sticking up, was that it had to be a musical instrument. The weight of it made it impossible to think it was something intimate.I took too long to guess, so it was revealed. It was a ten foot coiled hose with a long handle to irrigate all the flowers and herbs on my little 'deck'. Anna went out to water at once and discovered that a ten foot hose with a long handle would not reach from the farthest corner where the source of the water came from to the side where most of my herbs are. And so Anna went back to the store and got the next length in hose. I can now get baskets for hanging. no way I could have reached to water before.

And I got a book and a card from Martha about food. Michael Pollan's FOOD RULES. Amusing short little thoughts about our new rules. Enjoyed the one that said 'thank you to mother who would not let us eat margarine'. Martha also sent a magazine called WRITER'S DIGEST and page 54 WRITING ADVICE and out of 16 advice blogs there is one called PLOT WHISPERERS FOR WRITERS AND READERS 'The always inspiring Martha Alderson helps you tackle your plot problems' What a great gift. I always feel she is inspiring.

And then Toni brought me a magazine Spring 2010 AMERICAN ARTIST. There are 8 pages about Toni and illustrations showing her paintings. Since I gave her her first water color set when she was a little girl, and painting lessons it made me feel warm and happy. Toni also gave me an orchid with yellow flowers and a bottle of rum that came from her island in the Carrebean.

There was more, but Edgar is sitting outside the front door asking to come in.


Kinyon Gordon said...

Dear Gertrude:

Wasn't there a golf bag involved in that Mexican adventure? I seem to remember Sam and Semmes dealing with a Mexican who had a hand-tooled golf bag.... Go to this website. It's a friend of mine that paints in watercolors mixed with gum arabic. His subject matter is not great, but his technique is pretty amazing.

I understand that you invited us up to visit, but this is my crazy busy time. We would like to pay a call on you in the fall. Does that work for you?

Today's quote. Barbara Walters was interviewing Katherine Hepburn on her 80th birthday and asked, "If you were to give a piece of advice to a 20 year old Kathering Hepburn, what would it be? Mz. Hepburn replied, "It will all work out."

That's all. Time to go to work.


Arinn said...

I hope you enjoy Food Rules! I have read another Michael Pollan book...In Defense of Food, I believe. His books are a real eye-opener about the state of food in our modern world!!