Friday, June 17, 2011

A voice from the past

Marm, how nice to hear from you. I have tried to get in touch with you a couple of times. I called John to get your phone number, wrote it down in my address book. Have called you many times. Either I wrote the number down incorrectly or I called you when you were visiting somewhere in never never land. You have no idea of how much I miss you and your parents.

How did you happen to find me? How much of my blogs have you read? If you went far back you must know all about where my children are and what they are doing. Anna and Jane are in your area at the moment visiting Martha at Santa Cruz. Gilbert and Chris were here for dinner tonight to play Bridge with one of my neighbors. We played bridge on the dinner table and now near midnight I decided to return the computer to its normal place, the end of the table. Then I thought to look to see if there were any messages and when I saw the name Marm I said 'Please let it be Marm. Getting it plugged in properly I had time to think. there could be more than one Marm. But it was the right one. I won't be able to sleep tonight. There are so many memories to sift through before I can go to sleep. I am in the phone book and I would so love to talk to you.

To all my blog friends, it is unfair to get in touch with this wonderful friend this way. I will blog about our past and you too will get to know 'our past history' My day began at 5am, a visit to my eye doctor at 8.30. I have worn the same glasses since 2003. Had wonderful news, she said my macular degeneration is the slowest she has ever seen. One eye had improved since she last checked me. So I lived most of the day in a cloud because of having my eyes dilated. I know my eyes were gorgeous because of the enlarged pupils but I could'nt see them. Still had trouble seeing the cards when we played bridge for it was difficult telling the difference between the red and the black cards. Gilbert was my partner and we won the first rubber and Chris who is such a good player, and her partner won the second rubber. Marm, did you ever learn to play?


Della said...

Not at all unfair. Will be such a wonderful thing if you can regain contact with your friend! Hoping for you.

Liza said...

How neat to catch up with an old friend! Hope Marm gets in touch. Glad your eyes are doing well.