Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another NY Times day

This was a thinner version of my three day experience with the paper. I think I signed up for a month of weekends, but I am discontinuing the paper on Monday. The font is too small, and I will attempt to get the paper on my iPad where I can control that. But it is not the same as smelling the paper while reading. But we can't have every thing. I feel very fortunate to have what I have.

Speaking of being fortunate, my luck is in my family. All four children grew up to be sterling citizens. All seven grandchildren ditto. What more could one ask for. And now I have Martha's success to give thanks for. She is so busy with her new book, The Plot Whisperer, and with all the work she has with Plot consultations.

Our home outfit, Park View Villas, in conjunction with Port Angeles Senior Center are putting on a Gala affair tonight, called The Harvest Benefit Dinner. Our bus leaves at 3pm and we may be back in time for the third World Series game.


Anonymous said...

You are indeed lucky to have such a wonderful family. It says something about you too!

How was the dinner! Sounds like fun.


Jessica said...

I love to read your blog. Once you posted a recipe with the ingredient almond paste. Do you remember what that recipe was by chance? I would love to have it again.

spirou said...

Hello Svensto, I am glad to see you well and in good spirits. I hope your Gala was fun. I enjoy your stories so much. You have a wonderful family because you are a wonderful person.

Cassie said...

I'm so glad to see you're back! I have always had your blog at the top of my list. Thanks for writing more bits to brighten our days.


damnyankee said...

Welcome back. Love reading about your adventures.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your entries. It's nice to have you posting again!