Thursday, October 20, 2011

I will try again

Yesterday another failure with my blogging. I left half of a blog when I had to rush out for an appointment.(Actually my rushing would be better described as slow mo) When I came home and opened up again there was a big red and yellow stripe saying we cannot continue.

So now I may stop writing for fear that the computer will show the red and yellow stripe again.

I am so happy to see that there are people who still remember me. Thanks for the comments.

Two things I will report for everyone who is reading this. Martha, my second daughter who now lives in Santa Cruz with her husband Bobby, had a new book published and she had an event at a book store in Santa Cruz, where she was met with a full house and the books were sold out. There will be other events of this sort but when the first one is so successful, I think you have to thank the spirits out there. I have read the book and it is very inspiring and I felt I could write a best seller, but more than that I felt the last pages of the book revealed what a lovely person Martha Alderson is.

I have read a book by another 'relative'. Donna Rankin Love wrote WALKING FOR OUR LIVES. Donna is not a real relative, but about twenty years ago she was my sister-in-law. Toward the end of the 1970-ties she and a few another hundreds of people walked from California to Washington DC on a 'get rid of nuclear arms' plan. The book is riveting and full of adventures. But most of all, when the world was against them they tried harder and they succeeded. Martha's book THE PLOT WHISPERER, Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master. Her book will be in any book store and on Amazon. Donna's book on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Please don't stop writing! If you do stop writing here, I hope we'll see a book by YOU next.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your daughter's book and its success!

i have experienced similar problems losing blog posts. perhaps, to save yourself future frustration, you can write your blog entries using a different application, like "notepad" or perhaps "microsoft word," and save your blogs as files on your desktop or in your "my documents" folder. once you're satisfied with an entry, then you can copy and paste the contents of the file into the blogspot browser window to publish...

good luck sorting out the blog problem, i know it can be a real nuisance to spend so much time on something for it to just disappear because of a technological glitch.

Tara M said...

Please keep writing. I very much enjoy your posts.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to you and your daughter for her book! We (your faithful readers) would absolutely love to read YOUR book (illustrated with your artwork, of course).

We sure can't get enough of your words, wit and wisdom!