Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The beginning of a new rigid routine

Last Monday Martha  had a few friends here and we all promised to follow a plan of our own. We had to express what was going to be the next week's main creative issues. Next Monday we have we have to admit our lethargy or our successes. My stated work for the coming week was to paint 'Thank you notes, work on my blogging and  to keep both my indoor and outdoor gardens better watered. My computer has been very uncooperative, but with Martha's help is mow behaving. More than half the week is gone and little is done. But there is tomorrow and Friday.

Tomorrow we have to go to two friends new office downtown. It is furnished and running well. But the walls are mostly bare and they want to see if I can create a work of art that both applies to their work and with their building's interior.  Exciting..


Anonymous said...

Fabulous !

thewrongirl said...

Hi there!

I stumbled upon your blog after purchasing a beautiful painting with the signature "Svensto 1961". I would love to know more about it and if indeed I found the artist.

Please contact me:

Thank you,

svensto said...

Hi Patti,

Please describe the painting to me so I can tell you more about it and that it's mine.

I do paint under Svensto.

After I know it's mine, I'll get in touch with you via email.

Your painting may hold a secret...

Thank you for your message.

thewrongirl said...

Hi! Thank you for responding!
The painting is of a blond haired woman with a short hairstyle and blue eyes. She is wearing a red dress with a "v" neckline and is sitting in 3/4 profile. There is a signature on the bottom left: "Svensto 1961". I could email you a photo if my description is not good enough.
Thank you!