Thursday, March 21, 2013

AS stressful evening

On the outskirts of Allerum Ivar came running. 'I finished all the chores and thought I could help pushing the wheelbarrow.' When he saw t;he bandages on his father's hands, he said, sorry if I am too late. Father said: I am glad you came. You might have saved me from more blisters. If you don't mind, I think I will walk ahead and supervise doings at home.

And so now we were just two adults, me and my cat. Ivar still had a lot of strength after his water pumping, and he walked faster than father. Mother and I increased our speed too. Poor Mother, she had a lot to do before she could get to bed. She looked so tired. Ivar, when we get home we will need more water. We will have to rinse the berries after their long trip from Norrland. Luckily there is not much dust when they come across the water route. And then we have to wash all pots and utensils before we can go to bed.We have to get the big Hoganas crocks, filled with berries, down into the cellar. Maybe that can wait until tomorrow morning. Can you help with that before you go to work?

Topsy was sound asleep back in the apron .Blick's arms were tired from carrying her, but never mentioned it to her mother. She knew her mother would have said 'Here, I will carry her. Her mother was more tired than Blick, she knew. And had a lot more work waiting for her.

When they turned the corner by the church they could see the school yard and all six feet walked faster. When the gang at the school saw them, they all waved and called. Father said , when they were by the gate, Botilda, you go in and sit with your feet up until I call you. I have been part of this operation so many years, I can get us started. And Blick you go in and put the cat in her box. And find an old apron and then come and see if there are jobs for you to do. I guess the girls have already brought up our supper from the cellar. But you have to help.

When they were inside the gate, a wonderful smell reached their noses. Fried potatoes and onions. And maybe there would be fried eggs to go with the potatoes.


Anonymous said...


The story continues. I could smell the potatoes. Can't wait for the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

I still read Svensto, every time, I enjoy your stories they remind me of my family and another life and time. Keep writing !