Saturday, March 16, 2013

The long walk.

Walking through Viken was quickly accomplished, Then there was nothing but farmland between Alerum and Viken. When they saw a small farm with nothing to be harvested Father said they could take a quick shortcut. When hands on the wheelbarrow changed, Mother and Blick walked ahead , hoping it would speed up the rest of the trip home.

Again Father was pushing the berries. The two sisters came running, catching up. Mother said: Girls, run ahead. get out the big copper kettle and pour in two or three pails of water. Rinse it clean. Meanwhile if Ivar is hole from work, ask him to lay the fire where we usually boil the white laundry. Have him help with the pump in the kitchen. Then ask him to go down in the cellar to bring up the big Hoganas crocks to be washed. If you can do all this before we get home there will be a surprise for all of you. Then Mother said : Nils, I will run the wheelbarrow while you and Blick count to two hundred.

Mother looked at the blisters in Fathers hands. Blick, come here. Let me have your apron for a few minutes. She took the hem of the apron between her teeth and gave a tear and off came the hem:'What will I wear to school, Mother?"

You can wear your Sunday apron. Father has to be careful with his hands, He can't play the violin if his hands are bad. Your old apron won't come clean with all the blood Topsy bled on it. You are almost ready to inherit Ida's clothes.

"When we get home, Blick, please put the cat in his box. See that he has water and milk nearby. Then go in the cellar and get what will be suitable for a quick supper. Ask your sisters to help you if you need help. I think we can have lingon berries for supper. Not the new ones. the berries from last year. There are just enough for all of us for dessert. I will be very busy when we get home. Then before you go to sleep I will listen to all you have to say.


Unknown said...

Hi Svensto...i am another silent person who has been reading your site without commenting, and i love every word too and can picture your great artwork illustrating this story! I am enjoying your story so very much and have been a follower of your granddaughter Shreve too. LOVE her website and her animals, and dear Charlie of course. My mother is 95 and used to write a column for her high school alumni paper but the population of readers for her year has dwindled so in the last few years she gave up on it. I do not think she would be able to manage a blog and website as you have so masterfully accomplished but she has many stories from her Dutch grandparents and it would be so wonderful if she could do what you are doing! Keep up the fun for us all! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Dear Svensto,

I so love your stories of your past and this latest one about your mother. I just love how you tell them. I enjoy just everyday life happenings as well.

Please continue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Svensto,

I am another silent fan of yours. You have so many of us out here, I think you'd be surprised by the huge number of followers you truly have!

Just a heartfelt & big thank-you for taking the time to continue to entertain and educate us all with your enjoyable "history" lessons and life stories. They are mesmerizing, touching and inspiring.

Wishing the best, dear lady.

Warm Regards
Steph (from friendly Minnesota)

Par said...

OH, how I wish I had a dish of those berries right now. :) Happy 1st day of Spring!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this one. We get to see the stern patriarch hurt and feel empathy for him. Then to learn he plays vilin and how much respect his wife shows is lovely!