Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last time I told a huge lie. I said that I had never had an accident. S and I had had a going oversea vacation and when that was over we separated in Maryland. During the vacation we had visited S;s relatives in New England and we had arranged for a new job for me while he was away. And an apartment. When we separated and said our last goodby, I began my trip to NYC. I was scared. And I had never felt so alone.

Somewhere we came to a traffic stop and a young sailor asked if he could have a ride to NJ. I was happy to let him ride for it would make me think of other things along the way. That did not work the way I thought, for all of a sudden my tears began to flow at a terrible rate. The traffic was stop and go. It was a Sunday afternoon at the end of August. We got out on a country road and we sped up slightly. While I was wiping away tears the car in front of me slammed on his breaks and turned left. I tried to stop, but I had been following too closely and I crashed into the car and he drove off and left me there with a crushed left front fender. I could not drive for the fender was rubbing on the wheel. My hero, the sailor, went out and with brute force grabbed hold of the fender and pulled it away from the wheel. I could drive strait ahead and I could turn right and so we continued North. I dropped off my hero in Newark and found the Holland Tunnel and prayed there would be no turn to the left. I had a strange feeling I could get to the apartment by going in a huge circle always turning right.

Late in the afternoon I arrived at my address. I parked the car and never moved it again. I got my key and when I put it in the lock and turned it IT BROKE. I called the super and he was gone. I sat down on the front step and cried. When the super returned he let me in and the phone that we had contracted for was not there, I sat down and cried. I asked the super if I could use his phone to call S. He said NO. So I cried. Next morning on my way to the hospital I went to a locksmith on Second Ave. He said I can't make a new key for you, for when a key is twisted as it breaks it stretches. So I cried some more. When I got on the Second Ave bus the driver said I had to have the correct change. So I cried some more. When I got to the hospital Miss Friberg, a fellow PT said, Svensson you look awful. Tell me what's the matter. I told her, and after thet I never cried again.

This has been an aside and there is much much more from Mineral Wells. I will tell you about my fight with the Arny which could have sent S oversea prematurely. But we did have a year there.


Emiana said...

It is inspiring to hear about the low moments of someone who has as much courage as you do and how you overcame them. Second Ave back in the day... wow. I would have loved to have seen that. Second and what? Up or down town?

Melissa said...

What a rough couple of days you had! I think we have all had a few of those. :)

hello haha narf said...

no left turns! that is a driving feat. yay, you!!