Sunday, September 14, 2008


S wanted to go to NYC for he hd never been there. We did the normal sight-seeing things. We cruised around Manhattan, we saw the city from the top of the Empire State Building, we ate lunch in a Jewish Delicatessen, we saw many museums, and we wandered endlessly through Central Park. Rode the subway. The most remarkable thing happened on the top floor of a fifth Ave bus. I discovered that S was a REPUBLICAN. I became quiet and sat pondering our future. What we had, would never last. How should I handle the rest of our time in NY. Or the rest of our lives. Pretend I had forgotten.

S had heard me speak of Dr Hansson and I asked if we could invite him for dinner. We did do that, and Sam was very impressed by this stately handsome man. He was an adept convesationalist and the evening was a huge success. Dr Hansson said some flattering things about my development from kitchenmaid to physical therapist. We also invited L, whose mother had tried to get him to marry someone like me. There is an interesting story about him and his mother which I learned about many years later and which I will talk about when this story comes that far. That dinnner date was fun for me but less so for S. And then S wanted to go to NBC to see a brodcast. Somehow Dr Lipton turned up as we were standing at the counter asking for tickets to get in. He just said, Follow me. And he took us into the broadcasting room and asked us to sit in the front row. It was THE MONDAY NIGHT SYMPHONY directed by Alfred Wallenstein. When I went to School and was looking for free amusement it was one of my favorite programs. When Mr. W reached the podium he turnned around an bowed to us. It was a thrill of sorts.

And soon it was time for us to go to Texas. S had been told by the Army that he would have thirteen weeks of more training before being sent overseas. (I think thirteen is the correct time but it might have been less) When we arrived in Texas it seemed as if we had arrived in a different world.


Unknown said...

How did you handle the Republican thing?? Poor you.

hello haha narf said...

i wish more people would write their stories. this is phenomenal to read about your adventures!


Ptolemy said...

And how did you get from NYC to Texas?

Anonymous said...

I love how your story is meted out in little tidbits...just enough to keep me wanting more and more.

I'm glad I didn't discover my husband was a Republican after I married him. That probably does constitute grounds for divorce.

scargosun said...

That's tough, a Republican? Would have been very difficult for me to handle.