Monday, September 22, 2008

Our new digs

It was less than a week before the phone rang and the Woman with the gray hair (GH) said, you can have the apartment on the 15th. Come by any time before then and we will get our lease organized.

After getting to look at our future home, which was palatial compared with BO Plenty's place, we sat down for a cup of tea. Mrs GH said, I have very strict rules regarding all my renters. I allow no drinking... and I stopped her and said. We can't live here because my husband insists on a drink before dinner. And if we invite people for dinner I always serve a suitable wine. (I knew nothing about suitable. I only knew white and red) Mrs GH was shocked by this revelation. She looked as though I should not have told .And she had the same question as the Ps had had. How can you drink and not get drunk.

I have another strict rule. If you have company they must leave by 11. And don't use the commode too often. It was embarrassing to tell the Ws that we all had to go on one flush.

The place was large, but only in comparison with what we had to leave. As you entered the place, you walked into the living room. Directly behind was the bedroom and behind this was the kitchen. Behind the kitchen was a one room apartment with entry down the hall. In this place lived a Sergeant and his wife. In a way this Army wife changed my life. More about this later. We enjoyed living in this apartment for about six months. We tresured having each other but knew what was going to happen when our year was up.

One monumental thing happened while we lived here. I had been shopping for groceries, parked the car in front of the apartment, carried the groceries in and began cooking dinner. S came home and asked me for the mail which we picked up at the postoffice. I said I'll get it. I left it in the car. Rushed out. There was no car. I yelled, 'S the car has been stolen. S called the Army MPs and I used a phone in the Hall and called the MIneral Wells police Dept. Within half an hour a poor GI was caught in Wheatherford. And it took at least an hour before S forgave me for being so careless. I made it easy for the GI, leaving the keyes in the car. This would never have happened in our former abode. Not good hunting grounds.


scargosun said...

So many rules! Don't flush the commode too often, no guests after 11, don't leave the keys in the car...sheesh! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a lot of rules!
I know a way to make it even easier to have your car stolen:
leave teh keys in and leave it running. I actully did that 2 months ago. I got lucky and it didn't get stolen, or overheat, but you are the only person I've told!