Thursday, February 10, 2011


I hate to talk  about food for the thought of food is fattening. But our newspaper had a wonderful page about food yesterday. As soon as I read it I hurried to get dressed, made my shopping list, and drove down to our local Safeway. I needed beans and molasses and a small ham hock. And a spicy Mexican sounding sausage for tomorrows experiments. Which again calls for beans. Luckily we are having another cold snap and beans and beer and cornbread are perfect for that kind of weather.

Naturally, I cooked too much and gave some to a couple of neighbors. And when I finished my bean dinner, there was enough left over for two more dinners for me. So I will save the mexican sounding sausage for later, hoping I will get to eat that before it gets too warm. This morning, after I poured out the over night rinse water I put the pot on to boil and after I finished reading the paper it smelled so good I poured myself a large bowl of what one would have to call bean soup. It was very liquid and very good. I don't think I have ever had beans twice in one day.

After the beans had baked in the oven, I chopped the green kale leaves and added them to the pot. It made me remember when I was a child in Sweden and we four siblings were playing down at the beach. An uncle had salvaged the wood of a sailing ship that had hit a reef and sank. It was not a sailboat for the rich, but a fairly meaningful ship that carried freight through the straight of Oresund. We played in this mountain of large timbers, carried out some internal pieces so we could pretend the hole we made, was our living room. Naturally we got hungry and so we invented a new kind of sandwich. We took large kale leaves in our garden, spread what we pretended was butter on them (it was chicken mash we stole out of grandmother's hen-house) and then put pretend jam on that(red hawthorn berries) It was a wonder we did not get sick or squashed while this game was going on. Then my older brother who pretended to be the man of the house, took us for a walk and when reached our goal we could see Kronborg Castle in Denmark. I can remember how cold it was playing in that cold wind that constantly blew in from the North sea.


LEISEL said...

OH MY GOODNESS! We are new to your site, found you through Shreve. We are very much enjoying your wonderful writings! Whatever you write, of the present or the past - is full of awesome treasure for us as we would love to sit at your feet and listen. Thanks for writing! Love from Leisel & Susie.
P.S. the beans sound so good!

Anonymous said...

I was sitting in my office at The World Headquarters and, all of a sudden, Svensto popped into my mind. With that, WHQ was closed for the day and I've spent the last couple of hours reading your blogg.

I remember the red santa Christmas ornaments, and I have have one of walnut crib babies that I hang on my tree every year, right after I say, "Gee, I wonder where this one came from." Now I know.

Mom and Dad are sure enjoying Tory. I've not yet met her, but everyone, inlcluding Aidee the dog think she's terrific.

That's all. Time to head north for the night.