Sunday, February 6, 2011

What is a Soup Party

Uncle Fred asked the above question and so I will try to describe the way Georgia fashioned hers.

When it was held in their roomy house, when we were neighbors, it was different than last nights party. I will tell of the first ones first. The people who came from far away had a problem as soon as they arrived. There was no parking place available, the streets were too narrow to park there. We who lived on the same street would walk up the hill. We would tell anyone we saw to park in our driveway, and since Georgia had invited the neighborhood, everyone else on the hill would help them out too.

We would knock on the front door and since no one could hear upstairs we would walk in and hang up our coats below. They had a huge living room and if it was your first time there, you were told to go straight ahead and help yourself to wine and cheese and crackers. When the word came that the soup course was ready, you would walk out in the kitchen, where on the square island in the center were placed eight or ten crock pots (or as some people called them 'slow cookers') All of them were labeled and you were told you had to have some of each. There was home made bread and butter. (baked by Mitch) It would take ages to taste all those soups and when you had found a favorite one, you would have to have another little taste. All the soups were made by Georgia or Mitch. When you were too full to eat another crumb, dessert and coffee was served. Again you would have to serve yourself. On a table in the corner was the large electric coffee maker and many many cookies.

They had so many friends that they would have to have at least one more party. We did not know the square dancers so we always hoped to be included with neighbors or bridge players.
And then the M.s house was sold and they moved to the townhouses at the Golf Club. A loss for the people at Four Seasons. 

Last nights party was fun and the soups were good and the birthday cake was beautiful. But the staff at the Golf Club, who made the soups were not up to Georgia's standards. Half a tea spoon too much flour in one soup and maybe a different cheese in another. They were all delicious but I only tasted three of them. Then maybe my age made me stop.

It was a huge success and so much fun seeing all those people.


Arinn said...

oh my gosh, that old-time soup party sounds delicious!! it's too bad that yesterday's didn't quite match up. thanks for sharing your memories with us!

kristenpurp said...

How many over 90's?? :)

Uncle Fred said...

Thanks. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Melissa Weisbard said...

That sounds like a wonderful party.