Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Soup Party

When Sam and I moved to Port Angeles we were invited to a soup party up the hill from us. We did not know the people who invited us. But we went. It was a fantastic party. Our whole neighborhood was there and many strangers. Our hosts were big in a church downtown, they were big in square dancing circles and they were big in bridge clubs but most of all, he had been Commanding Officer in our Coast Guard Station. They had a soup party (or two) every year after that and it was something we really looked forward to.

Tonight I am going to a Soup Party at the Golf Club. It is celebrating Georgia's ninetieth birthday. I think there will be many people over ninety. I will let you know in my next blog how many.


conny said...

What a terrific idea - a soup party for the neighbourhood.
I'm not sure you see that here in Denmark - at least not in the suburbs where I live.

Uncle Fred said...

What's a soup party?

Anonymous said...

Fred, In our neighborhood, a soup party would be potluck, with everyone bringing different soups.


Barbara said...

After moving into a neighborhood it's lovely to move into its life through things like the Soup Party ( I bet you made many friends there). I hope that you & Georgia & company have a fantastic time at this one.