Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blix's plan for her future

Blix was seventeen years old when her mother died. Everyone in the house missed her. It was such a surprise when it became evident how much of a peace maker the mother had been. Nils, the father,the teacher, the tyrant, no longer had anyone who could tame him. He suffered his loss in silence and if he cried. there was no evidence of it. Ida, the eldest child still at home, was his closest friend. I have to tell you Ida's sad story here.
When Ida was a late teenager, eighteen or nineteen, she and a young fisherman fell in love. Ida wanted to get married but her love had other plans. He wanted to go to America, to join the hordes of men    who had gold fever. He bought her an engagement ring, swore her to remain virginal and sailed away. Ida's heart ached with longing and she searched for mail. She saved all his notes and they were a small raunchy mess. When he and Ida were both 51, he returned to Sweden, married her and they sailed for America. Colorado was going to be their new home, Ida was too old for child bearing. She was still a handsome woman. He was a wreck of his former self. He had built a house for them in Colorado. Ida had lost the dream man of her youth, she loved the ocean and she could no longer see any water. But she loved the view ov the mountains.
Now Nils had four of his children living in America. He had Blix to help him run the household and Olof who was still in school. Blix and her father seldom agreed on anything and when a letter arrived from Karin and dAlma telling her that she should begin thinking of going with them when they returned to New York. Blix saw an escape for her and agreed to the plan.


Cass said...

Yay you're already writing again! I've gotten confused, was Nils your father or grandfather? I hope someday your family stories will be published.
I tried making my first pair of socks but handling all the little needles was gauge changed in each part of the sock. Across the heel and arch of the foot it was 12"! No one has a foot that is that big. So I'll start again...

Anita said...

I, too, am glad you are writing again. I learned about it from Honey Rock Dawn. When Shreve wrote that she had been on a road trip and HAD SEEN SVENSTO, I stopped reading there and came here to learn you did move and have resumed Blix's story. I am very happy about this. I hope your new location remains pleasant. You have such 'gumption' as they say in the west and, as we say in the south, 'grit' as well!. My very best wishes to you and your family.