Sunday, August 25, 2013


Blix felt so lonely. She did not understand herself. She had been offered a great gift and she was not sure she could accept it. I think I will go down to the grave yard and see if I can somehow reach Mother's spirit. It always made her cry when she visited the grave site. It was dalways cold and stormy near the grave yard where her Mother and all other dead relatives were burried. There were grave markers from 1500, so she could not blame the situation on any living person. Probably, the early people who chose so foolishly were Danes during one of their captures of our province. They wanted their dead beloved to be as near Denmark as possible.

When she arrived at Mother's grave, she was thankful for the bench Father had placed directly behind the large grave stone of the adjoining space. It was a large expensive stone that was also a good wind breaker. She thought of her Mother and cried. She thought of the kitten she lost when she was little and cried. And then she sat up, wiped her eyes and blew her nose. She would go to see the Blacksmith.

Malte's father had been sdo kind to her; He tried to save the kitten and when that failed he had burried the kitten out on the heath. Andd then he gave her work so she could repay him. She weeded and watered all the flowers in front of his house. And he always went next door to the bakery{the owners called it Konditory and got her a drink of water and a cakelet with whipped cream. It took her all summer to repay him and since then He was always very friendly when they met on the street' Since father retired and the family moved to Viken that happened quite often. Maybe he could help her decide.

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