Monday, August 19, 2013

Should she?

Blix was not sure that she wanted to become an immigrant. She loved her Aunts who always were so kind and friendly when they came home for a visit. But on the other hand, they seemed  a little odd when they spoke Swedish.

When her Uncle and Aunts had returned to Sweden in the past, their language was no longer really Swedish. Their consonants were so much heavier, the constant use of little American words, such as OK and YOU SEE, often mispronounced YA SEE became irritating.

Aunt Alma was the worst offender. She threw in You see every time she was trying to explain something and every other word was OK.  If she left for America she would make a huge effort to to keep her English English and her Swedish Swedish.

Aunt Alma had false teeth and when she came to visit at supper time, she would join us at the table, but not to eat. Instead she would read the evening paper. Suddenly she would fall asleep and her head would roll back and her teeth would fall forward. And Mother would say, Why don't you go in and lie down on one the children's bed? And Aunt Alma would say, "I wasn't asleep, I was just closing my eyes!"

And then there was the smell. Would she have to smell of Moth balls? She owned several garments made of wool. An ankle long skirt and an ankle length overcoat. Both she had inherited from Ida when she gor too tall. And she knew that the weather in New York was too hot for using these clothes in the summer. And then they had to be packed away for the summer, and that must be when the moths created havoc with wool clothes.

Blix wished she could ask her Mother for advice.

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