Friday, October 24, 2008

Examples of Painted Ceramic, 1945

Troll Table: Painted ceramic tile, 1945

Soup Tureen: Painted porcelain, 1945


BumbleVee said...

Love the trolls and the princess!! the tureen is beautiful ....

Haphazardkat said...

I love the paintings! Grandness!

I also wanted to add (seems I'm a late commentor, sorry) that:
1. I am very glad you are back posting. I miss your wonderful stories when you do not write :)
2. You are such a warm, beautiful person--I am just stupified at how badly you were treated.
3. It just goes to prove--WE are NOT our parents and do not have to continue nor share their short comings.

I was given away at birth and adopted by an abusive woman--so I understand your pain...

But, I grew up and adopted a child. He is 10 now, and the center of my universe. So you see? They lose. We win :)

You are a beautiful person and I so enjoy getting to know you through your blog.

Vancouver, WA

Annie in Austin said...

Wow, Sevensto - you did this in 1945? It makes me think of movies like "The Dark Crystal". Quite fabulous!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

I enjoy that illustrator!

I saw examples recently here on this page:

It looks to be just the book you mentioned! I see the original on the page, and your version looks fantastic!

Slonik said...

WOW, I loooove those goofy trolls and the tiny, dainty princess! Thank you for sharing :)

Emiana said...

The tiles are fantastic! and the tureen is just lovely.

Thank you again for sharing yourself with the world. Your family is fortunate and so are we.

Anonymous said...

Incredible tiles!
I am sorry that you endured a painful childhood. I hope you've made peace with all those memories.

Ptolemy said...

The tureen is beautiful -- did you make IT, too, or acquire it FOR painting already made?

I'm going to go tell my two boys who were just driving me crazy how much I love them, just to be sure they know. Thank you so much for your openness in these stories of your life.

Jennifer Syas said...

I absolutely love the tile painting. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I grew up in Sweden (1989-1997) and I remember that image of the trolls so clearly that I was quite startled when I saw the picture of your table.

Thank you for sharing!

A Dane in Canada