Sunday, October 5, 2008

He said: Send cigarettes.

Next morning I went to the drugstore I used when I lived in NYC before. I asked the druggist for a carton of Chesterfields.He said where have you been? Don't you know there is a shortage of cigarettes. In Texas I guess we never worried about the shortage for S could get all he wanted at the Post PX. He said I can't sell you even a package of Chesterfields. But I have some, and he mentioned a brand I had never heard of. I said thank you, but no thank you.

And so I laid plans on how to get them. There was a radio program called Thanks to the Yanks. I had heard it in Texas. The em ce asked Do you want an easy, medium or difficult question. And if you want a difficult one you could win 3000 Camels. So I went to the National Broadcasting Studios where some of my old chums worked and asked if they could get me a ticket for that American Broadcasting program and they said, Sure, no problem. Come back Monday afternoon and we will have it for you. I was there, got my ticket, walked over to Madison Ave and took the seat that was available. It was fairly far back in the audience. And I was not selected to try my hand at competing. But I learned something. All the people who were selected from the audience had something outstanding about their person, Either the lady with the red hair, or the gentleman with the mustash. So I knew what to do.

I had a navy blue hat as big as an average garbage can lid. And I knew I had to sit in either the second or third row. I went back to NBC and they said Yes they would get a ticket again. I said I would like to pick it up on Sunday so I could get a front row seat. Monday came arond again and I was early and I sat in the third row. I was the first person selected. When I got backstage I had a minor problem. Was my husband in the Army, Navy or the Marines. I told them Army. You know you can't send anything to an army person unless it is requested? Yes, I knew that. So I will send the cigaettes to W who was still in Texas. And then I will ask him to keep half of them and mail the other half to me and then I will fake a request .

And so the program started. Do you want an easy, a medium or a difficult question? I said "Difficult. Now everyone remember I looked like a dumb blonde. People applauded when I dared say that. So the question was There are three plays on Broadway. One is A Touch of Venus, which comes from Greek Mythology, the secnd is ??????? which comes from Shakespear and the third is The voice of the Turtle. Were does that phrase come from? My answer The Bible. Thunderous applause. The Em Ce was obviously surprised. How did you know that? My husband read the Gideon Bible to me on our Honeymoon. The applause and laughter increased beyond thunderous.


Anonymous said...

So funny!I'm glad you chose to wear a bit hat rather than grow a moustache! I can imagine how popular you were with the person behind you, and how relieved they would have been when you were chosen.They would have had a clear view then of you telling that wonderful punch line at the end!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, good for you - lots of imagination and brilliant intuition!! Do you still have the hat?

Mollie & Keith

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! My parents are Gideons, so I will tell them this story : )

Jamie Welsh Watson said...

You are amazing! I can't believe you did all this for cigarettes! What an incredible story.

Anonymous said...

You are SO AMAZING! I'm so glad I'm related to you.

Anonymous said...

This story is so amazing. How clever you are to get on the game show. But when you zinged us with the punchline in the next episode. Wow! Oh! Wow! Just brilliant storytelling.